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Saturday September 17, 200
Our first event scheduled for early that morning
was laughter -- Russian style!
We gathered together at breakfast before leaving!
We had reserved seats for the 9:30
Yakov Smirnoff Show
We arrived early enough  to
have some fun with the large Yakov Head.
So we took turns getting our pictures taken.
Soon it was time to be seated
and enjoy a terrific show of comedy and music!
It was a GREAT show!
Yakov was out in the lobby signing books and autographs.
Of course some of us had to take advantage of the Royal Chair.
It's Good to be King!
Or so say Shannon, Louis, Bob and Duane.
The day was just getting started.
We had FREE TIME to do as we wanted until
we met again at the hotel for our
Before Dinner we had our Class Picture taken.
Then we enjoyed the camaraderie of our last evening together.
CLICK on this
PICTURE to join us!
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