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Friday September 17, 2009
Every day started off with a FREE Breakfast.
 There was all the cereals, hot waffles, fruit, etc...
... we could want.
Breakfast was delicious!
Obviously, we all ate a hearty meal each morning before starting out for that day's activities.
Today we had FREE TIME to do as we wanted
Later in the evening something special was scheduled.

So what is there to do in

We had many activities to choose from ...

... shopping, museums, shows, and more!

We could do whatever we wanted!
Here is what some of us did.
Some classmates choose to see Noah the Musical at the Sight and Sound Theatre.
How about a train ride?
Waiting to board the Branson Scenic Railway.
Photographs by: Leroy Ganser, Shannon Jones, Karan Niebergall, Bruce Poteet, and RC Wilson
Other classmates went shopping, checked out the museums, or just walked around Branson sight-seeing.
Even though we ate a big breakfast and had a dinner scheduled in the evening most of us stopped somewhere in Branson for lunch
Soon it was time to get ready for the evening's big event.
We had a
Dinner & Show to Attend!
The Showboat Brochure
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