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After a bit of a delay caused by
the picture taking -- we were ready to eat.
When we entered we noticed immediately the room did not look as it had before when we left earlier that day.
The Room had been transformed
Carol Hamarstrom Jackson outdid herself
in making the room decorations excellent reminders of our school days.
She made photos of our high school years into large placemats which we were allowed to keep as mementos of the reunion.
Carol's table decorations consisted of school photographs accented by colorful flower arrangements.
Carol's artistic sense of design made the room absolutely perfect for this special occasion.
Everyone was enjoying visiting with each other.
 Two classmates who were not able to be with us for the rest of the Branson Reunion ...
Lois Garner Hightower
and Sandy Steele Jones
... joined us for the class photo and dinner this last evening.
The evening was just getting
started for this bunch of teenagers
We did more than just eat!
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