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Sunday September 20, 2009
We gathered for our last breakfast together
to say our goodbyes
Carol, Jean Anne and Tom Betty, Glenna, and Shirley
June is awake but sad to leave.
Nan and Audrey look alert after that last cup coffee.
Kay is still a bit sleepy
Richard talking last minute photos. Duane and Mary eating healthily.
Lois, Bev, Sandy, Donna, and Carolyn share the final Reunion Breakfast and good conversation.
Pat and RC are not ready to go home quite yet.
Bev is not ready to go home.
Shirley and Pete are not anxious to leave their friends.
We were all reluctant to say goodbye to old friends.
So we took time from our departure schedule to pose
one last time by the American Flag.
Audrey and Nan Preston Hutton with Jean Anne Dawson Williams
Donna Hargis Kissinger and Bob
Bev Reynolds Yonts
June Givens Butler
Glenna Ellis Conlon and John
Don and Karan Niebergall Richard and Carolyn Needles Copeland Ron Moore
Too Soon it Was
Time to Say Goodbye
We all went our separate ways home.
We are happy to report that everyone found their way home ... eventually.
This phase of the Reunion was arranged and organized by
Pat & Bob "RC" Wilson
with assistance from
Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson, Luann (Mitchell) Nelson
and Jean Anne (Dawson) William
All the photographs in the Branson Reunion were
provided by:
Sharon and David Bedinger Shirley and Rod Hoffman
John and Glenna Conlon Luann & Bob Nelson
Carolyn and Richard Copeland Don and Karan Niebergall
Mary and Duane Eberhardt Bruce and Ellen Poteet
Leroy and Pat Ganser Carol and Gaylord Tefft
Carol and Ray Jackson Pat & Bob "RC" Wilson
Shannon and Bev Jones Arlene and Dale Vanzandt
Videos by Bob Nelson & Bev Jones
Thank you for sharing so we all might relive our
55th Reunion in Branson and the fun we had.
Until Next Time ... ?
If you would like to take the
here is your chance.
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