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There were a lot of cameras flashing that evening.
Everyone wanted their picture taken with old school friends.
Southeast Ladies:  Mary, Carol, Sandy, Lois, Betty, Carolyn, Donna, and Kay.
Pershing Grade School Alumni
Lois, Betty, Carol, Mary, Earl, Donna, Shirley, Leroy, Kay, and Shirley.
Mary, Carolyn, Donna, and Lois
Sharon Ducate Bedinger, Don Teeters, Shirley Ducate Hoffman
Earl Crawford and Carol Dietz Tefft
Don Niebergall and Bruce Poteet Kay Harkins Gangel and Lois Hightower Garner
Doug Mattnelee, Nanette Preston Hutton and Earl Crawford
Didn't anyone tell Earl -- "No Tongue"?
Ron Moore with Shirley and Sharon. Tom Williams in serious discussion with Ron
Shirley Ducate Hoffman, Shirley Scherrer Nye, Carol Hamarstrom Jackson and Sharon Ducate Bedinger.
Some Classmates even posed with their spouses!
Can you imagine?
RC Wilson handed out a Doo Wop Quiz
to test our knowledge of the Golden Oldies!
It was amazing how "into" this quiz everyone became.
Hey gang!  It is not a mid-term exam!
And how well everyone did!!
Everyone deserved a Prize for doing so well!
So we made sure EVERY Classmate got something.
Shannon and RC handed out mementoes -- as classmates drew the names.
Would you like the take the DO WOP Quiz?
You will have an opportunity on the Last Day page
of the Branson Reunion.
A few simple remarks were planned.
However, the ad-libbed banter turned the
acknowledgements into a laugh-fest!
Our last night in Branson was a laugh filled evening.
Tomorrow we would have to say Goodbye to our friends.
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