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Day TWO had been a long day!
We needed to rest a bit to catch our breath before leaving for that evening's entertainment.
We gathered in our meeting room.
We did this each time before leaving for places on our schedule to utilize car-pooling and to arrive at each event together as a group.
Don Teeters looks a bit exhausted and apprehensive here.  But trust me in just a few hours he was laughing so hard with the rest of us that he had to lay his head down on the dinner table
We expected this to be a Fun Night!
But little did we expect the laughs that two of our classmates would be providing us this evening on the Branson Belle Showboat!
As we drove towards the Branson Belle the sun was just beginning to sink behind the Ozark Hills.
Ray Jackson, Jim & Shirley Nye got there early.
Mary, Jim, Earl, Shirley, Leroy and Pat are waiting for the rest of us.
Bev, Luann, and June arrive.
Carolyn is anticipating a good time
Pat and RC arriving.
Leroy Ganser and Betty Moehle DeWitt
Ellen, Bruce, Ray, Jim, and Carol Shirley Peterman Wheatley Kent and Sandra Quick
We were well fed
and ready for the show to begin!
The music was an entertaining mix of country, rock and roll and tunes from the movies.
What happened next turned out to be the
Highlight of the Reunion!
It started simply enough.
A ventriloquist appeared to make dogs talk by squeezing them on the back of their necks.
It was a funny act.
But what happened next as his closing shtick was hilarious!!
He chose, at random,  two people out of the audience to come onstage and participate in his act --- taking the place of his dogs..
As luck would have it the two participants he chose were
Donna Hargis Kissinger and Doug Mattenlee.
The ventriloquist thought they were strangers to each other.
Doug and Donna played along with the gag --- never letting the ventriloquist know they had known each other since school days.
As the ventriloquist did his comedy routine he would squeeze Donna's or Doug's neck and howl as they opened their mouths.
The ventriloquist did not expect Donna or Doug to throw themselves into their performance the way they did. Donna even added choreoography.
Needless to say all of us classmates in the audience dissolved in tears of laughter.
I only wish one of us had caught this performace on video!!
Still laughing about what happened we were having too much fun to go to bed.
Someone suggested we go for Ice Cream!
RC Wilson, Betty Moehle DeWitt and Dean DeWitt
We were supposed to all meet at the same Ice Cream Parlor
but through a misunderstanding two groups met at different places.
Duane & Mary Hammond Eberhardt and Kay Harkins Gangel
Mary, Kay, Shannon & Bev Jones, and RC
It was time to return to the hotel for some rest.
We had a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.
Day Three would start out with an early morning show.
on this photograph of Doug and Donna reenacting their award winning performance.
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