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The Buffet was Italian!
The food was delicious and lots of it!
The Company was fantastic too!
Janet Cooper Wilson
Betty Moehle DeWitt
Shirley Peterman Wheatley
Kay Harkins Gangel
Carolyn Stewart Ready
Dixie Vaughn Evinger
Donna Hargis Kissinger
Shirley Ducate Hoffman
Phyliss Cline Brewer
June Givens Butler
Jerry Robb
Mary Lou Alexander Rowe
Neil Barnard
Larry Thomas
Nanette Preston Hutton
Carol Hamarstrom Jackson, Shirley Ducate Hoffman, Sharon Ducate Bedinger, and Shirley Scherrer Nye.
Don Kraft, Leroy Ganser and Joe Kresse
Beth Fowler Hite and Shirley Fenton Marley
Ramah Edwards Rembold and Betty Ulrich Thiel
Shirley (Richardson) and Pete Scammahorn
Shannon & Bev Jones
Dixie Leone Steiner and Eddy Steiner
Martin "Marty" and Audrey Bruns
Ben Blackshire, Mary Lou Alenxander Rowe, and Mary Blackburn Foree
Bob and Charlotte Adelsperger with Kent and Sandra Quick
Judy Dice Hall and Don Hall (Class of '53)
Jean Anne Dawson Williams & Tom Williams
Larry Thomas, Susan Link Bremer, Bob (RC) Wilson, and Jim Lyle are waiting to have their pictures taken.
Paul Hocott
Bev Reynolds Yonts
John Silkiner
Steve Raphel
Barb Fuller Comer
Charlie McGehee
Susan Link Bremer
Sharon Ducate Bedinger
Mary Hammond Eberhardt
Jim McCollum
Jean Stafford Whitington
Ramah Edwards Rembold
Joe Kresse
Glenna Ellis Conlon
Betty Ulrich Thiel
John & Glenna Ellis Conlon
Ray Jackson (Class of '53), Carolyn Stewart Ready, Carol Hamarstrom Jackson and Shirley Scherrer Nye
This smiling couple is Jim & Margie Lyle.
Nobody Went Hungry
Jo Ann Gattendy Swearingin and Glenda Stevenson Wilson
Charlie McGehee, Wilton Dod and Betty Wilson Dod with Sandy Steele Jones
Sylvia Flannery Kelpe, Jean Stafford Whitington & David Whittington, with Phyliss Cline Brewer.
Gisela & Charlie McGehee with Wilton & Betty Wilson Dod and Sandy Steele Jones.
We had our pictures taken in small groups.
 Knotts Grade School scholars
You know who all these classmates are --- but here is a hint:  Gene, Jean, Luann, Sylvia, Jean Anne, Jo Ann, Phyliss, and Larry.
We also had our photographs taken in larger groups.
on this pictureto see the
Class Photo!
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