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September 16, 2009
PHASE ONE of the 55th Reunion
The KICKOFF Luncheon
was held in Shawnee Mission, Kansas at
Italian Market Restaurant
Classmates ate FREE and Guests paid only $10
... a Gift from the late Ralph Mills.
This humorous poster was created by Lois Garner Hightower.
As Classmates came into the restaurant they were greeted by
Tom and Jean Anne (Dawson) Williams, and Luann (Mitchell) Nelson.
Don Kraft adjusting his badge.
Barb Fuller Comer mixes with Charlie & Gisela McGehee and Nan Preston Hutton.
EVERYONE was anxious to have fun with old friends and enjoy a GREAT meal!
Phyliss Cline Brewer, Jean Stafford Whitington, Mary Lou Alexander Rowe and Shirley Ducate Hoffman checking in.
Pat brought along her Old Geezer's sign from First Watch
Shannon Jones, Pat Corder Valleau & Bev Jones huddle around Pat's sign.
Pat and Leroy Ganser cozy in thier booth.
Pat looks happy. Leroy just looks hungry.
Sandy Steele Jones is ready to get started visiting with everyone.
Luann Mitchell Nelson and Bev Reynolds Yonts look like they are up to something.
They are --- but that comes later!!
Beth Fowler Hite, Mary Hammond Eberhardt, Donna Hargis Kissinger and Carol Dietz Tefft having a deep discussion.
Tom and Jean Ann Dawson Williams greeting everyone.
Helping us Remember our High School Years
Carol Hamarstrom Jackson created these photo displays.
Sandy Steele Jones is pointing out a classmate to Shirley Scherrer Nye and Pat Corder Valleau on one of the displays in the room.
Carol Hamerstrom Jackon created all the displays for the 55th Reunion.
John Silkiner & Ben Blackshire pose by one of the displays.
62 Classmates attended and brought 33 Guests
We had expected a total attendance of 130
However some who said they would come could not at the last minute
On this page and the next we have attempted to share with you
photographs of the all the Classmate who were able to join us.
Carol Dietz Tefft and her husband Gaylord
Steve Raphel, Kay Harkins Gangel and Shirley Fenton Marley
Neil Barnard looking very serious .... and hungry!
Toni and Gene Hampton
Leroy Ganser holding up the building while taking a break from the buffet line.
Perhaps Neil was thinking it was time to hit that buffet line again!
Everyone else did!
The Meeting, Greeting and Laughing were GREAT!
And the FOOD was fantastic!!
See many more of your 
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