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Luann Mitchell Nelson and a couple of others
had a surprise that they sprung on an
unsuspecting Shannon Jones
Something else we did at the Reunion
We all signed a Southeast Shield
for one of our classmates who was hospitalized
and could not attend.
Dave Morton at 17 and now.
We took this shield to Branson
so those who attended only that phase
could let Dave know they wished him well.
This Kickoff Luncheon to our 55th Reunion
was Fantastic!
Good Fun, Good Company, and LOTS of laughs.
This phase of the Reunion was arranged and organized by
Tom and Jean Anne (Dawson) Williams
with on-sight assistance from
Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson and Luann (Mitchell) Nelson
All the photographs in the Branson Reunion were
provided by:
Mary and Duane Eberhardt Doug Schuyler
Leroy and Pat Ganser Pat & Bob "RC" Wilson
Carol and Ray Jackson Beverly Reynolds Yonts
Shannon and Bev Jones  
Videos by Bob Nelson & Bev Jones
Thank you for sharing so we all might relive our
55th Reunion in Branson and the fun we had.
Now it is time to go to
the Second Phase of the
55th REUNION in
Branson, Missouri
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