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Thursday, February 2, 2006
An Adventurer's Paradise Belize is an English-speaking country on the Caribbean coast of Central America, bordered on the north by Mexico, and on the west by Guatemala
Known as British Honduras until 1973, Belize gained its independence in 1981, and today it is a peaceful, independent nation.
Once again in Belize we rode the tenders to shore.
Although the water seemed just a bit choppy it didn't stop us from taking photos.
Especially pictures of our beautiful ship.
After landing some of us had sightseeing around town in mind.
Visiting a new country can be interesting.
Seeing Belize in a house-drawn carriage sounds like fun.
That's the kind of city tour that Shirley (Peterson) Wheatley,  Ramah (Edwards) Rembold, Shirley (Richards) Scammahorn and Cathy Brock did on this sunny day.
Mary (Hammond) Eberhardt and her husband Duane had something else more adventuresome planned.
Mary and Duane went to a more remote area where they could experience Belize differently than the rest of us. They boarded an open-air elevated truck called a Jungle Buggy which took them plowing through  muddy streams and bouncing down bumpy jungle trails past Mahogany trees and other dense foliage.
In addition to learning about the Belize environment from their guide, the highlight of the tour for these adventurers was when they entered  a hidden cave to examine the remains of a Mayan burial site.
Untouched since shaman sealed the cave 1100 years ago Mary and Duane saw more than 100 ceramic pots and a ceremonial altar in the furthest chamber.
As interesting as this tour was some of us had other adventures in mind.
The area known today as Belize is believed to have been the very heart of the Mayan civilization from about 259 to 900 A.D.
Belize possess the greatest concentration of known Mayan sites in the region.
Touring two of those sites was what many of us did!
Lets go to the
first one now
on this picture
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