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January 31, 2006
After a busy day in Key West
We had a special evening planned.
An old fashioned party to celebrate our collective
Carol Hamarstrom Jackson was completely responsible for the party.
In addition to the pre-planning she brought all the decorations and party favors for each of our tables.
Before any of the rest of us arrived Carol had the room ready for us.
She was ably assisted by her husband Raymond and Glenna (Ellis) Marshall.
Once Carol was satisfied that all was as it should be she settled back into being that quiet, sweet, reserved,  genteel, Southeast Lady we all knew so well.
(Although I don't remember the tattoo.)
With all in readiness the party could begin.
Our Party night was also the first
And that was obvious when our lovely ladies entered the banquet room.
 Judy LeMay and Eula Fascone friend and relative of Mary Louise (Erickson) Schmidt.
 Eugenia Bodnar Carol (VonDemfange) Manford's daughter.
Shirley (Scammahorn) Richardson Shirley (Peterman) Wheatley and Ramah (Edwards) Rembold.
Luann (Mitchell) Nelson and Mary (Hammond) Eberhardt are all smiles for the camera.
Here are Glenna (Ellis) Marshall Carol (Dietz) Tefft and Carol (VonDemfange) Manford.
 This is Gisela Charlie McGehee's wife
Once in the room
 we had not seen for an hour or two became our primary focus.
Everyone was having a wonderful time.
Can't you tell?
Just ask George and Nannette (Preston) Hutton.
Or Clark Smith here with Jean Anne (Dawson) Williams.
Or this Southeast alumni, Ron Comer (Class of '52).
Soon it was time to don our Party Hats.
Charlie McGehee, John Silkiner, and everyone else looked good in their festive little hats.
Well ... almost everyone.
Some of us fumble the simplest of tasks --- like putting on a hat.
What can be more embarrassing than having a friend with a camera just waiting for you to have an accident?
The blue hat was easier to put on than the yellow hat? Duh!!
Now don't these folks look great in their party attire?
It was also time to make a little noise.
Actually we made a lot of noise.
But no one seemed to mind.
Because the Birthday Cakes
had arrived at each of our tables
And what do you do with the candles on a birthday cake?
Carol (Von Demfange) Manford did the honors at our table.
With a little mental assistance from Lois (Garner) Hightower.
The Party is
just getting
on this photo
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