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Friday, February 3, 2006
When Doug Mattenlee got up to speak
none of us expected what was to follow!
We were treated to a grand performance of the
 We had seen glimpses of  their style of humor before but here it blossomed in full force.
As Doug made the required announcements he explained the meanng of all words with more than just two-syllables to a very skeptical Earl Crawford.
Needless to say the room was bursting with laughter.
One of the things Doug was announcing
was a special ceremony Lois Garner Hightower had organized.
Prior to the cruise Lois sent me an email
in which she suggested:
"I just had an idea. Why don't we have a little ceremony (humorous, of course) at the end of the cruise --- maybe at the cocktail party, to make all the non-class  members on the trip (spouses, friends, relatives --- all of them) honorary knights --- members of the Class of '54?"
From this suggestion wording was developed
and individual proclamations printed.
Lois, assisted by Donna Hargis Kissinger,
dubbed each of the candidates as official Ladies or Knights of Southeast High School.
The Candidates Knighted
Eugenia Bodnar Daughter of Carol (VonDemfange) Manford
Cathryn Brock Daughter of Shirley (Richardson) Scammahorn
Margie Crawford Wife of Earl Crawford
Eula Fascone Cousin of Mary Louise (Erickson) Schmidt
Nancy Gabriel Friend of Lois (Garner) Hightower
Pat Ganser Wife of Leroy Ganser
Bev Jones Wife of Shannon Jones
Judy LeMay Friend of Eula Fascone
Gisela McGehee Wife of Charles McGehee
Georgia Mattenlee Wife of Doug Mattenlee
Ellen Poteet Wife of Bruce Poteet
Rebekah Silkiner Wife of John Silkiner
Sally Smith Wife of Clark Smith
David Bedinge Husband of Sharon (Ducate) Bedinger
Leslie Bonner Husband of Liz (Crosby) Bonner
Charles Brockman Friend of Sandra (Steele) Jones
Richard Copeland Husband of Carolyn (Needles) Copeland
Dean DeWitt Husband of Betty (Moehle) DeWitt
Duane Eberhardt Husband of Mary (Hammond) Eberhardt
Rodman Hoffman Husband of Shirley (Ducate) Hoffman
Robert Kissinger Husband of Donna (Hargis) Kissinger
Bob Nelson Husband of Luann (Mitchell) Nelson
Gaylord Tefft Husband of Carol (Dietz) Tefft
There was one other candidate for Knighthood
Actually this fellow was already a Southeast Knight.
Norman Nester
Had gone to grade school with many of us and three years of high school with all of us but graduated from another school his senior year.
However, many years ago, there was an unfounded rumor that Norman was not actually a member of the Class of '54.
By Unanimous Decision and Announced Proclamation
Norman was knighted and made an "Official Member" of the Southeast Graduation Class of 1954.
Then it was back to visiting again.
The afternoon was passing quickly and it was
time for some last minute business.
We had to look good
for our class photo.
on this picture.
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