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Friday, February 3, 2006
This was the invitation we each got
to a special cocktail party hosted by our travel agents
Sandra and Tom Arrington.
And what a PARTY it was!!!!
The drinks were free and the food plentiful and tasty.  Our hosts made sure everyone would have a great time.
And we did!!
The cameras were out in full force.
Besides taking pictures there were discussions about taking pictures.
In fact it was at this party where many people shared their photographs with me so I could use their pictures in this presentation.
So what were we taking pictures of?
Each other, of course!
Just what did we do at this cocktail party?
We ate, we drank, we talked, we laughed and we did what most people do when they are having a terrific time being with old friends.
Lots of Happy Talk!
Looking at the pictures in our yearbook was something else that was popular.
(Were they saying, "Oh my gosh, look how we looked in high school!")
But something else was about to happen.
Because he has a deep commanding voice Doug Mattenlee was asked to get everyone's attention for a special announcement.
Little did we expect what happened next!!
Find out how an unexpected moment can turn out to be the hit of the party.
on this picture of Doug.
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