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January 30, 2006
The dress for the first evening meal
was causal --- "come as you are."
So we did!
Everyone was in good spirits as we gathered
for the first seating in the main dining room.
We were not disappointed.
Carolyn (Needles) & Richard Copeland had an unexpected visitor show up at their table.
Earl Crawford, never at a loss for words, commented on the evening. Wife Margie just smiled and ignored him.
Talking and enjoying the evening are Ramah (Edwards) Rembold, Cathryn Brock sitting next to her mom, Shirley (Richardson) Scammahorn, who is being served. Next to Shirley is Glenna (Ellis) Marshall and Bruce Poteet.
Bev and Shannon Jones look like they are saying, "BRING FOOD!"
Now, to tell the truth, we had plenty to eat at the luncheon buffet --- but we were ready to sit down in the well appointed banquet room and be treated as Royalty by a cadre of waiters and waitresses.
As the waiters bustled around the large dining room we were anticipating a great meal. And we got it.
Nancy Gabriel and Lois (Garner) Hightower were enjoying the evening.
Liz (Crosby) Bonner and Barb (Fuller) Comer were engaged in a deep discussion. What to order maybe?
Georgia Mattenlee waited patiently for her husband to get the camera setting "just right". Hurry up Doug!!
Sharon (Ducate) Bedinger will kill me for including this picture but her husband David was more than ready for the photograph to be taken.
Carolyn (Needles) Copeland with Gisela and Charlie McGehee were happy to be visiting.
Some evenings (not this first one) the waiters and
waitresses would put on their own show.
As any cruiser will tell you the meals are great.
And the desserts afterwards are indescribably delicious.
However, when one of our classmates ordered "Nothing, thank you,"
here is what her waiter brought her!!!
You would think we would be getting a bit sleepy
But the evening was not over!
Every night there was a show in the main theater
as well as other entertainment all over the ship.
Usually after dinner a bunch of us would gather together in the theatre auditorium with the (strangely) decorated curtain to see what the offering that evening might be.
The Evening Entertainment ...
... might consist of a big production number performed by the ship's singers and dancers, or a truly funny comedian, a talented magician or some other variety-type stage act.  All were very good.
The entertainment found everywhere
on the ship was plentiful and varied.
In addition to music there were
game shows in some of the lounges.
Such as this very strange game of "Quest" shown in a
 photo taken by Mary (Hammond) Eberhardt.
Mary says her husband Duane did not participate.
Would she tell us if he did?
After we had laughed enough for one day
we could walk the decks to relax in the cool evening breezes.
These beautiful images of light and dark were captured by Charlie McGhee
Remember this was only the end of the first day.
As this music tells us it was time to
"Put Out the Lights and Go to Sleep."
More fun awaited us the next morning.
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