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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
As the Guide Book says KEY WEST is a
tropical island paradise right here in the U.S.
This relatively small island is only 1.5 miles wide by 4 miles long.
But this southernmost city in the continental United States, though it is small, offered lots for us to do and see.
On this page we will try to show some of those things
we did on this second day of our cruise
The ship docked around 7 A.M.
Most of us were up early ready to spend the day on shore
enjoying the warm Caribbean weather.
From our cabin balconies or from the Promenade deck we looked down on the buildings and the warm January waters of the Caribbean.
From the ship we could see the harbor ramp
which we would soon be taking into town.
As it would turn out this was the only port, other than Ft. Lauderdale, where we could walk to shore and then walk  back onto the ship without having to take one of the tenders.
The proximity of the ship to the dock provided many photo opportunities for our busy cameras.
So naturally everyone took lots of pictures which they shared with us for this presentation.
So much to do and see --- in only a few hours.
Dressed in our most "subdued colors" (we are tourists remember) we left the ship for a fun-filled day on this historic island which at one time had been visited by pirates and Conquistadors.
But the question is --- was Key West ready for us?
Some of our classmates could not  resist posing with this statue outside the court house.
 Or at least that is what it seems from these photos of coquettish Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson, a leaning Betty (Moehle) DeWitt, and a very heroic Tom Williams.
When not walking around taking pictures it seemed like a good idea to sit a spell --- at least that's what Jean Anne (Dawson) Williams and Leroy Ganser decided to do.
In addition to classmates, statues and street signs, our cruisers' cameras were finding many opportunities to capture "unusual" subjects to fill their photo albums.
Secret agent Carolyn (Needles) Copeland was ready to check out Key West.
Lots of pictures were taken of interesting landmarks, such as this street sign marking Mile Zero -- the starting point of US Highway 1.
I wonder if this is what is meant by Caribbean Tropical Wildlife?  This looks pretty wild to me.
Perhaps Carol is telling us,
"You ain't seen nothing yet."
And she is right!
It turned out to be
a very busy day for all of us.
Because our classmates had so much fun and took so many pictures
Key West will be presented on the next two pages.
First let's GO SHOPPING
which was at the top of some
of our lists!
on this photo.
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