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Thursday Evening, February 2, 2006
We had a busy day in Belize,
an absolutely terrific supper on the ship,
followed by a
Then we went to the Orpheum Theater for a musical Spectacular performed by the ship's singers and dancers.
What more could we do
to top off a day like this one had been?
Go to a Midnight Buffet, maybe?
We did --- and what a sight it was!!
Have you ever seen fruits and vegetables look so good?
They tasted just as good as they look.
Cruise line food preparation
staffs are noted for their skills.
We discovered our staff had raised their culinary talents to a delicious art form.
From the moment we came down the main stairway into the darkened dining room we knew we were in for a treat.
The room was primarily illuminated by several colorful ice sculptures
augmented by momentary bursts of brilliance from the many cameras flashing away.
Everything looked too good to eat.
It was but, of course, we did!
All the sculptures that were not made of ice were edible too.
Including this huge chocolate pirate ship.  I had a chunk of the wave.
Of all the topics we discussed as we ate these goodies DIET was not one of them!!
We can diet tomorrow!
Or next week.
Speaking of Tomorrow
Tomorrow would be a sea day and the last full day of our cruise.
But something VERY SPECIAL was planned.
It was going to be
a fun day.
on this picture and find out just how much fun.
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