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January 31, 2006
It was an evening not soon forgotten.
Lots of cameras were making sure of that.
You all know Kay but you haven't met the lovely lady sitting next to her.  She is Ellen Poteet - Bruce's wife
At one point we paused for a solemn moment.
There were others who should not be forgotten.
We raised a glass to toast all of our
Southeast friends
who were not with us.
During the toast each of us
said aloud the name of a Southeast classmate
whom we missed and wished could be with
us on this unforgettable night.
You would think that after an evening when we had so much fun we would be worn out.
Most of us went to the Orpheum Theatre to see the special production offered that night.
It was the first BIG musical production number of the cruise titled: Can't Stop the Rock.
A tribute to great movie music.
We would remember this night for a long timeto come.
But it was time for each of us to return to our cabins for some very much needed shut eye.
Liz (Crosby) Bonne in cabin #7556 looks like she had a wonderfl time but it was now time to rest.
Tomorrow was going to be a very busy day for all of us.
Tomorrow we will be in Cozumel!
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