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Thursday, February 2, 2006
Our destination was Xunantunich.
Don't ask me to pronounce it. I can hardly spell it!
Not all great adventures start out so great!
We boarded our buses and rode for miles and miles through the Belize countryside.
During the long trip there was not a lot to see, but  Luann (Mitchell) Nelson took a photo of every thing our bus passed.
And I do mean everything!
Trees, hills, houses, grass, cars, trucks, signs, --- lots of window reflections --- everything.
Finally we were there --- almost.
After we left the busses we walked to a hand-cranked ferry that would take us across the Mopan river to the hill where the ruins were located.
However, as we went down the hill toward the old wooden ferry we were met by a passel of young "artifact" sellers.
 We run into souvenir peddlers in every country but I must admit these young fellows were selling some very nice items.
Naturally we bought something.
We always do.
We were almost at the Mayan City we came to see.
Well ... almost ... we still had to walk a bit more
Actually it was a very long walk.
Finally we arrived at Xunantunich.
(Bet you still wish you could pronounce that name.)
What you see is a Classic period
(300-900 AD) ceremonial center, with large plazas ringed with pyramids. The tallest is the 130 foot "El Castillo," which is large by Mayan standards.
The site was occupied until around 900 A.D.
Archaeologists believe it was likely abandoned after a devastating earthquake.
Up till now we did a lot of walking.
Now it was time to put some other leg muscles to work.
We climbed --- and climbed --- and then climbed some more.
When we got to the top --- what did we see?
Besides Guatemala in the distance we saw our friends far below us who were a lot wiser for not having climbed all the way to the top.
And were not at all as exhausted.
on this photo
to learn more about Xunantunich.
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