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Friday, February 3, 2006
It may have been the last day of the cruise
But it was a FUN day!
So what do you do when your ship is at sea?
What you do everyday when you are not on shore!
Not all these photos were shot the last day --- but they are typical of the last day.

You hang out in or around the pool.

Pat & Leroy Gisela
You don't miss any opportunity to eat.
Ron, Barb, Ray, Carol, Glenna, Kay
Ellen and Bruce Bob, Luann, Carol and Eugenia
You visit friends in their cabins or somewhere on the ship.
Ramah, Shannon and Shirley Betty, Bob, Luann and Barb
Richard, Bev and Lois
David, Sharon, John, Rebekah, Liz, Shirley, Leslie and Rodman
Perhaps you
relax and read
as Charles did.
Or check
your E-mail.
Many of us took photos and videos of the ship and each other.
Bob, Carol, Gaylord, Charlie, Jean Anne, Earl, Leroy, Margie and Bev hanging out in one of the hallways.
Shutter-bug Lois. Taking a picture of Charlie taking a photo of me.
The ship was an excellent subject to photograph.
Or we just tried to figure out where we were!
We may have been on this ship for five days, but every day I had to check out the location of places on the ship's directory just to find out where I was and where I was going.
But of all the things we did that day nothing
even came close to being as much as fun as
 what we did later that afternoon!
on this photo of
Betty, Carolyn, and Lois to find out WHY.
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