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January 30, 2006
Walking around, looking, shopping,
and just having a good time kept most
of us busy in Key West.
We were feelin' mighty warm on a January Day!!
Clark Smith shared this picture of his hot shopper, Sally, shown here carefully inspecting each item on a shirt counter.
Picture taking was a big part of the day's activities as Kay (Harkins) Gangel shows off the perfect professional  picture-taking body stance.
The trio below that Kay was recording for posterity is none other than Ray (class of '52) and Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson with some guy who was wearing a hot shirt.
Hey, Shannon, does that shirt come with batteries?
 I guess you can't go to Key West without sampling the island's famous Key lime Pie.
"It is wonderful."
Or at least that's what Carol said.
I know Ray thought so as Bev and Carol reluctantly shared their treat with him.
By the way, you have to be careful of strangers you meet on the street.
I guess his backside was HOT!
 Never let it be said that our ladies can't  find something to shop for no matter what city they are in or whatever the weather may be.
 Another hot couple we ran into on the street was a smiling Carol (VonDemfange) Manford and her daughter Eugenia Bodnar.
Don't know if they were shopping or not.
Wait a minute ... they are women aren't they?
One of our hot shoppers was Eula Fascone. Eula is not actually a member of the class of '54 however she is a relative of Mary Louise (Erickson) Schmidt.
Mary Louise was scheduled to go on the Birthday Cruise with us but she was in a terrible automobile accident weeks before we sailed. So Eula and her friend, Judy LeMay, stayed in Mary Louise's cabin.
 However, this pirate had more to reveal to those girls than Glenna cared to see.
Now here's a HOT, HOT, HOT group!!
Most of these ladies you have met before.
But I wanted to include this photo so you will meet one more who joined us on the cruise.  
The lady on the far right is Judy LeMay who shared a cabin with Eula.  
We also ran into someone else you know.
Nanette (Preston) Hutton, showed the camera she might be a HOT shopper but she was one COOL Southeast lady.
Time to
As some classmates did who checked this island out from the top to the bottom.
on this photo
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