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January 30, 2006
Ponce de Leon discovered La Florida for Spain in 1513
When his expedition sailed past the southernmost islands in this new acquisition, his sailors saw the twisted, thick mangroves along their shores and named the land Los Martires, or “the martyrs”
The island of Key West began to appear on European
maps and charts of the Caribbean about a century later, although its name was Cayo Hueso, or Bone Key. Legend tells us that the first explorers on the island discovered bones of dead Indians scattered on the beach. As Old World settlers drove indigenous people off land along the coast of the eastern American colonies, tribes pushed southward.
Key West was claimed by the USA in 1822
after being owned by Spain, then England, and then again by Spain.  Later it was designated as a U.S. port of entry and a customs house was established. This meant that salvaged cargoes could be entered at Key West instead of further up the coast at St. Augustine. It also allowed Key West to be a transshipment port for foreign cargo, particularly from Cuba.
Key West Harbor held a fascination for all of us.
 Earl and Margie Crawford were not the only ones to walk down to the docks to view a district where pirates once ruled and which was now occupied by modern war ships, pleasure craft, and quaint fishing boats.
Is gifted in having such a wide variety of vintage and interesting landmarks, monuments and memorials, made all the more remarkable considering the relative youthful age of US history.
Much of Key West has been sculpted over the years by the influences of visiting writers and artists, many of whom fell in love with the place never to leave again.
On this page we will try to show some of what classmates found both beautiful and interesting.
Mary (Hammond) and Duane Eberhardt's tour took them to the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.
They shared these photographs so we might enjoy their experience in this island paradise.
Carol (Dietz) and Gaylord Tefft.
Mary and Duane Eberhardt
Mary and Carol
The Key West Lighthouse
This 98 feet edifice is the tallest building in Key West and was originally built in the 1840s.
The lighthouse has a first and third-order (model) lens and is also a museum with nautical exhibits and charts.
It is reported that views from the top of this tower are wonderful. 
The lighthouse keeper's house is next door.
Tom and Jean Ann Williams and Leroy and Pat Ganser checked out the lighthouse during their day ashore.
That's Jean Anne and Leroy posing in front of this century old landmark.
This red Romanesque-style building is actually the Key West Museum of Art and History.
It was built in 1820s as a customs house when Key West was designated a US port of entry.
I have no idea where in Key West Leroy Ganser shot this flower garden but it is included because it's a cool photo
Everyone of us had to either photograph or climb the steps of this interesting red building.
The Pat and Leroy Ganser and Tom and Jean Anne Williams also went to the Little White House.
The Harry S. Truman Little White House Museum in Key West originally served as a winter home for US presidents Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy and contains exhibits on important visiting dignitaries.
Of course every walking tour should include some down time to get rejuvenated. As you can see that is what Leroy did and you see that Pat and Jean Anne took time out from all that walking to get back to their "roots".
Carolyn (Needles) Copeland certainly agreed that sitting for a spell is a necessary part of shopping and sight seeing.
Here is another happy group of sightseers.
Shirley (Richardson) Scammahorn and her daughter Cathy Brock, with Shirley (Peterman) Wheatley and Ramah (Edwards) Rembold were walking all over checking out Key West  on a gloriously warm day.
We enjoyed our brief visit.
Soon it was late and our day in Key West was over.
It was time to get back aboard our Home Away from Home.
After all we had a BIG night ahead of us.
Once on board we found there were other BIG things
happening around one of the pools.
I think these guys in the Belly-Flopping contest are on my diet plan.
Soon it was time to get ready for our first Formal Night and a
Special Party for Southeast Knights and Ladies
Time to
on the cake
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