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The French class presents "The Last Time I Saw Paris" before the student body. A group watches from a sidewalk cafe as Kay Harkins and Ralph Mills burlesque the "l'apache"dance.
A Lot of Talent. A Lot of Fun.
The idea for a French Assembly was one of those things that just sort of happened.
Even today as I look back on that happy occasion I marvel at the talent crammed in those two fledging French Classes. Organizing and developing the numbers to be per-formed was a lot of work ... but something we all looked forward to at each rehearsal.
It's amazing when you think of it. A language class, still in its infancy, and the students staged a musical review ... with scenery yet!!!  Sort of a mini-Knightlites.
I don't recall the other two more established language classes doing anything like that.
French Class Gives Assembly Program Spirit of “Gay Paree”
  With a hearty “Bon jour” to the aud-ience, the French assembly was off on a trip to gay Paree. The musical play was a journey into the past with the theme, “The Last Time I Saw Paris.”
   An elderly couple, played by Toni Budd and Doug Ayer, recalled their memories of France, as they reminisc-ed on the Champs Elysees. They told their experiences to John Melcher who portrayed the grandson. All types of French life were portrayed, such as artists, students, waiters, and American tourists.
   Kay Harkins, Beverly Earp, Carolyn Needles, Betty Wilson, and Mary Ann Wright appeared as flashy Can Can girls.
   Dorothy Groomer and Pat Hunter, as peasant children, danced to folk music sung by the crowd of people at the sidewalk cafe.
   A Honeymoon couple, Carol Ham-arstrom and Garry Miller, from Texas, seemed to find reading French menus a little difficult and their orders were quite surprising. Carolyn Stewart played the waiter.
   "La Vie en Rose," a favorite of the elderly couple, was sung by Martha Blom, the flower vender, when they remembered meeting every night on the sidewalk.
   As the two recalled the entertainment at the sidewalk cafe, they listened to an oboe solo by Dave Crowley, and saw the "L'apache" dance done in comedy style by Kay Harkins and Ralph Mills.
  "Etolle D'Amore" (Stardust) was played on the saxophone by Shannon Jones. Five singers, Don Teeters, Ralph Mills, Dave Crowley, Shannon Jones, and Garry Miller, also entertained the guests with "C'est si Bon."
   "I Love Paris" was played as a marimba solo by Sandra Steele. Ralph Mills and the rest of the group joined in singing this popular song.
   Members of the choris were: Carolyn Phillips, Carol VonDemfange, Carolyn Jenkins, Barbara Brackney, Henry Jeffries, Robert Melcher, David Ritsch, and Yvonne L'Hommedieu.
  The elderly couple joined the Paris group as they all sang the finale, "The Last Time I saw Paris."
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