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"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we
take, but by the moments  that take our breath away."
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A Message from Curtis Wilson - brother of Betty Wilson
I graduated in the class of 1959.  There were about 365 in our class.
Knightlites was Ms. Abbott's production, along with the work of Ben Markley.  They continued to be very particular about the quality of every number in the shows and we worked long hours to produce those shows.  I was on the sound crew along with parts in musical numbers because of my classes with Mr. Markley.
Upon revisiting the school in 1964 I went to see the show that fall and was greeted at the door by staff I did not know and was not permitted to enter because I had not purchased tickets in advance.  Mr. Becklean was in the background and overheard our discussion and admitted me to the show.
The live music was gone.  Pantomime and lip-sync were the major numbers in the show.  There were none of the choir nor ensemble numbers and skits were not in the program. 
It appeared that when the Abbotts and Markleys were gone the tempo changed as well as the press for quality.
Curtis Wilson
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