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SOUTHEAST ROTC Battalion Places First in City    
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SUNDAY, MAY 13, 1951
TOMORROW’S OFFICERS MARCH BRISKLY in the ranks of these R.O.T.C. cadets drilling in front of the Southeast high school. The army has given the Southeast cadets top rating in Kansas City for three successive years.
Again Places First in City; Truman Plaque Captured Third Time in Last Four Years
   This is the sixth win in the last seven years for our Knight unit, and a fitting reward for the diligent work of the instructors and cadets.
   Captain Reynolds, from William Chrisman High School, was in charge of the inspection.  He arriv-ed at Southeast at 9:00 and was introduced to Mr. McMillan and Mr. Powell.  At 9:30 he observed the cadets on parade.  At this time the student body was dismissed so they could see a sample of the ROTC’s best work.
   Watching the parade from the reviewing stand were:  Miss Can-ham and Miss Abbott who are the sponsors of our ROTC; Barbara Brackney, ROTC queen; her atten-dants, Shirley Ducate and Barbara Fuller, and Marge Hunsucker, secretary of the ROTC office.
   Immediately following the parade Captain Reynolds inspected the battalion.  Squad, platoon and com-pany drills followed this inspection.
   The boys then participated in physical drills.  Preceding lunch the captain observed smaller unit tactics.
   At 1:00 an oral examination was conducted.  Each boy was asked questions involving his individual training.  ROTC records were then given a thorough checking.
   The following promotions were made:  Corporals:  Charles Brown, Bob Clark, Donald Eberhart, Don Kimbly, Glenn Oden, Robert Ruff, Pat Spencer, Scott Stovin, and Jewell Welch.
   Privates First Class:  Pete Bloom, John Bollinger, Dennis Chiarle, Donald Dempton, Rodger Holmes, Neal Long, Jon McNay, Gerald Melvin, Joe Ritsch, Lynn Shepard, Michael Spoor, Bill Trogdon, and Harold White.
Chit Chat
Many of the Southeast Knights and Ladies were seen at the airport eating after the ROTC Ball.  Some of the couples seen were:  Barbara Fuller and Tom Baucke, Ann Pierson (S.M.) and Charles Stotts, Sandy Ruhl and Jim Colwell, Bonnie DeMasters and Don Kraft, Barbara Brackney and Clark Smith.
From an issue of the Tower published our senior year.
Christman Is Winner
New Promotions Are Made;
Rifle Team to Enter Contest
   ROTC boys were competing against each other to see who could sell the most circus tickets.  First place winner, Ronald Christman, received $20; Donald Brown, second place winner, received $15; and Ernest Adelman, third place winner received $4.
   Jim Colwell’s team won a steak dinner at the Kansas City Athletic club for the team selling the most tickets.
        Spring is here and the new promotion list has just been issued.  Promotions include: Jim Colwell, major; Joseph Kresse, captain; Gary Herbert, master sergeant; Richard Lapp, sergeant
first class; Charles Burnett, Bob Powers and Robert Wilson, cor-poral; Floyd Bearird, Ronald Bermond,
   Ronald Belzer, Bill Blackburn, Bob Butcher, Larry Campbell, Ray Fliehmann, Bill Jackson, Hugh Jones, Robert Kennedy, Fred Rodgers, Jerry Schultz, Robert Schumacker, and Lowell Tillery, private first class.
   Southeast will send a five man team to the National Rifle Assoc-iation matches at Nevada, Mo., April 24.  Howard Jones, Joe McKinley, Dave Hudson, Duane Ritter, and Richard Smith will represent Southeast.
Rifle Team Wins Second
   Southeast’s rifle team placed second in the matches at Booneville, Missouri, March 5 and 6. The Kansas City high school ratings were:  Central, first place, 699 points; Southeast, second place, 686; Paseo, third place, 683; East, fourth place, 669.  Northeast and Southwest tied for fifth place with scores of 664.
   Southeast’s individual scoring was high.  Joe McKinley scored l78; Duane Ritter, 175; Richard Smith, 173; and Howard Jones, 160.
   While our first team scored 686, the second team made a good showing with a score of 635.
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