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Southeast was featured in the 1954 film
"A Day in School"
Pat Corder Valleau shared this photo of the typing class.
The typing class was featured in the film.   However, this photograph is not from the film.
Unfortunately we only have this 40 second clip from the 20 minute film.
Kansas City Board of Education Makes Movie;
Southeast Is Scene of Many Classroom Shots
   All over our Castle there is the feeling of excitement as the old familiar words, “Lights! Camera! Action!” are heard.
  There is a very good reason for all this hubbub around Southeast.  A movie concerning secondary education is being made by the Board of Education. Shots will be made of other schools, but Southeast was selected as the site for classroom scenes. It was chosen by a committee of teachers and executives representing the Kansas City high schools.
The film shows life in the high schools. The main characters are a brother and sister who are entering school after having just moved into the Kansas City school district.
   The senior boy, played by Shannon Jones, has a course of four solids and one non-solid.  They are: Spanish, American
problems, physics, news writing, and typing.
   Janet Downey, portraying the freshman girl, enrolls in algebra, English, citizenship, clothing, physical education, and speech.
  Various shots will be filmed in each of those classes. Dick Lusby, who is the Kansas City school district staff photographer, is doing the filming. Dick is attending Kansas City University.
The photography is being done in color and so far is just about one-fifth completed.  There is no sound being made with the film but later a sound track will be put on with a narrator giving details.
As yet there is no name for the film. It is being made for the purpose of public information and after completion will be available to the Kansas City schools upon request.
Open House to Show
Film Made in Castle

   Open house will be held for the Southeast patrons on Tuesday night, March 23.

  The film on high school life which was recently taken at Southeast is to be shown in the school auditorium. The picture shows scenes of Southeast high school students at work in newswriting class, speech work, typing class, and many other activities within our Castle. By following new students through their first day at school many familiar scenes and faces will be shown. This film will be at the disposal of all Kansas City high schools. Many hours of work have been put in this film which our parents are to see.

   The film will take 20 minutes to show after which the parents will visit the teachers in the classrooms.

  All parents are invited to attend this open house and become better acquainted with Southeast.

The Kansas City Star
Southeast High School Students, In Center of Color Production Bedlam, Find Problems Include Wearing Same Outfits Day After Day.
INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE THE CAMERA … Shannon Jones 17 Years Old (Left), Janet Downey, 15, both students at Southeast High School, and Dick Lusby (Right), photographer for the film in which they will star.

   It’s not “lights, camera, action,” so much at Southeast high—it’s more likely to be “get your nose out of that scene, you ham,” “watch out for the tripod” and “Claaarkey Boy!”
Shares Producers’ Woes“

   “You can’t stop the classes and you can’t block off the halls,” Miss Maria Fetters, Southeast drama teacher and director of the production, laughed. “You also can’t keep the hams out of scenes.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer was never like this.”
   Taunts of “Clark, you Drrreeam Man” and “Say, Mr. Gable, may I have your autograph” haven’t exactly made the life of a “star” easy comments Shannon Jones, a Southeast senior.
   Shannon, 17 years old, 2301 East Seventy-ninth street, and Janet Downey, 15, of 4644 Cleveland avenue, a freshman, are co-stars. They play the parts of a brother and sister who are transferring to a Kansas City high school from another city.
   The cameraman for the film is Dick Lusby, 23, of 3511 Monroe avenue, a Central high school graduate and a pre-med student at the University of Kansas City. Lusby, who is official photographer for the school district, learned his work in audio-visual classes at Central.
   The script was written just before Christmas by Miss Fetters and Miss Viona Ewalt, a dramatics teacher at Southwest high school. Southeast, at Meyer boulevard and Bales avenue, was picked out for the background because of the building’s electrical equipment and facilities. Shots of the Manual, East, Northeast, Central, Paseo, Lincoln, R. T. Coles, Southwest and Westport schools also will be shown.

A Wardrobe Difficulty.
  “Since the film represents just one day in a typical high school day, the stars have to wear the same clothing in each scene,” Miss Fetters explained. “We have had to send them home several times to change when an unexpected opportunity to shoot a scene came up.” 

   Shannon wears a white shirt, a yellow V-necked sweater and blue trousers. Janet wears a red sweater, a dark blue kerchief and a gray plaid skirt.
   “One day when I sent forth a hurry-up call for Shannon in costume, I got a worried look and an explanation that his outfit was at the cleaners,” Miss Fetters added. “That stopped production that day".

    Shannon has blond hair and green eyes. Janet has brown hair and blue eyes.  Shannon, who hasn’t been allowed to get a new “butch cut” since the filming began, complains of feeling a little shaggy around the ears. The problems of an actor who has the same wardrobe in all scenes and who is subject to call on the set at almost any moment are many.
   Speaking in the film will be by a narrator, not yet chosen. In the background will be sounds of typewriters, hammering in the metal shops, singing in Spanish class, crowds, telephone bells, a discussion recorded from an American problems class, choral singing, the pledge of allegiance to the American flag and assembly band playing.
   The film will have to be cut and worked over to fit into the 15-minute showing time planned. Lusby and Miss Fetters hope to finish and hope to hold a premiere showing at Southeast. Arthur W. Gilbert, assistant superintendent in charge of instruction, said the film is part of a plan started a year ago to produce one film a year.
   Gilbert said the film is designed to give the schools and the public an idea of high school life and general high school education. It will be available to groups for showing. The first film in the program, made last year at the Gladstone school, dealt with elementary schools.



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