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Southeast high school was beautiful.
Everything about the site was perfect.
A Tribute to Southeast
by Rockne Krebs - Class of 1956
Beautiful Southeast high school with its campus adjacent to Swope Park the largest and most beautiful park in Kansas City.
The location alone was enough to put it in a class by itself.  I don't recall seeing any buildings around town at that time in a more desirable location.
What a truly beautiful privileged situation.
The people responsible for the decision to put a public school there had their priorities right, head on straight, and eyes on the future. Swope Park was ours five days a week.
I ran on the cross country team, a grueling event made beautiful because we ran through beautiful Swope Park every day.   I looked forward to going to school.
How important is the beauty of the place we send our children every day to help their young minds grow
Beyond Measure!
Beauty and learning go hand in hand that we know.  They hold hands to support life during pain, inevitable stress, disappointment and influence solutions.
The relationship between beauty and learning is symbiotic.
The mind processes are constant so what it does with sight's constant flow of visual info is for our comfort. We must remind ourselves that we are not aware of 99 % of what our mind does with what we see.
Beauty is the teacher's most valuable and compatible teaching assistant for once the class room is a beautiful milieu; beauty exercises its part of the symbioses visually in silence without distracting our consciousness.
No one ever told me I was lucky or had to tell me it was good design.
Then the idea of the place being in its prime, or the thought of a perfect moment in time ever crossed my mind. Then I considered myself fortunate to make it to class on time. Then I couldn't explain why it felt right. I knew then that the privilege of being there was mine. I loved being there.
It was perfect.
Even the design of the school building seemed to aspire to the noble purpose of inspiring young minds.
That three-story Gothic Tower rose well above any utilitarian necessity.
The WPA built the school and the park entrance.  None of it was new.
When I arrived in the mid 1950s Swope Park, the streets & everything near Southeast High School was so well maintained that nothing looked old.
I knew it wasn't new.  Neither old nor new, but ageless.
Either unmoved unchanged or green like us and just passing through.  Our bright spring light grew just right.  Everything green grew.
My green interval was spent in a perfect place to grow.  That I do know.
Excepted from an email between Charles McGehee & Rockne Krebs
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