Mathematics - Physical Education
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I remember:
Mr. Adams teaching Algebra. Passing all of us even though we didn’t have a clue.
 Sharon and Shirley Ducate
Ron and I married after my Freshman year at CMSU. I worked as a secretary at Southeast. Ron was doing his practice teaching. We were poor as church mice. The faculty was very supportive of us. As an example of that kindness, Berle Adams, who did beautiful calligraphy, was paid to do the names of graduates on diplomas. That year he asked me to do this so that we might earn a little extra cash. The diplomas didn’t look as good as when he did them, but it gave us some extra money. Another teacher, Mr. Griggs, shared bounty from his garden with us
Ron and I saw teachers in a different way than we had as students.
 Barbara Fuller Comer
One of my favorite teachers was Mr. Adams although I never had him for a class. During our Junior and Senior years my locker was right next to his classroom.  During class breaks he would stand outside of his room.  I don't know whether you remember but through grade and high school I had the nickname of "squeaky" because of my high singing voice.  Mr. Adams picked up on that and told me he was going to buy Southeast and turn it into a multi-level skating  rink and name it "squeaky land".  I also have fond memories of his visits to me during my senior year when I was in the hospital.
Don Masoner - in an October 2003 email.
Don passed away Friday, January 9, 2004.
Coach Adams' Algebra 2 Class was equally chaotic (as Coach Patterson's) but he did attempt to impart some knowledge. Can't say that I learned a great deal but then I was not too interested in Math at the time what with the hormones running rampant in the body!
Clark Smith
Mr. Adams Gives Chili Supper
To Celebrate Superb Season
Coach Adams gave a chili supper for the varsity basketball team at his home Friday, February 12.
   The dinner was to show his appreciation to the boys for a very successful season.
   Don Hymer won the eating contest after a hard fought battle.  He edged Gene Hampton, his closest competitor, by one bowl and a pickle.
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