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I remember:
Miss Ballinger was always finding stories from history to weave in her math classes. She explained how Abraham Lincoln used math logic to write his Gettysburg Address. I remember her taking me aside and her caution about too many irons in the fire when I was involved in so many activities around school. Even though my grades in her classes were tops, she would worry when I would be out of class for the band, Knightlites, ROTC or the sound and stage crew
 Curtis Wilson - Class of '59
  Miss Ballinger taught Algebra. She was all business, in such a sweet sort of way.  She addressed us as, "Mister" or "Miss", and we responded in kind, as ladies and gentlemen. Once she got to know our names, she would seat us according to how well we had done on the most recent test. The high scorers were seated along the back row, and as the grades lowered, the seating was toward the front.
   One time, I was the highest scorer on a test, and this is how she called my name. "You won't believe this, but this seat goes to Mister Bloss." She laughed, and congratulated me. There were other good things about that class including a beautiful raven-haired young lady who distracted me. 
  Before taking algebra, I had always wondered what "X" was. Miss Ballenger certainly answered that question with grace and insight.
Jim Bloss
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