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I remember:
I    hate to admit that my most vivid memory is of Mr. Bills because he gave me my first, and only "8th Hour."
Carol Dietz Tefft
Mr. Bills:  Snapping girls bra straps! No more comments.
Betty Wilson Dod
Road to Engineering
A Remembrance of Mr. Bills' Class by Martin Bruns
As a Freshman I was, as were many others, shifting from thinking school was neat to believing school was a bore. My curriculum was some of my own choice, one hour if I remember correctly, and the rest was “planned" for me.  As far as I was concerned, foisted on me.
I was enrolled in beginning Algebra along with others who had been selected for this opportunity to expand our concepts.  Our leader in this effort was Mr. Bills.  I wasn’t impressed.
The first day of class we had to introduce ourselves, which we did without too much confusion.  However, here my memory gets a little vague.  There were two girls in the seats ahead of me in my aisle.  The second one up had an unusual last name and when I tried to use it, I butchered it.  The class laughed, but the one in front of me accused me of doing it on purpose, “I heard him practicing”, and embarrassed me.
Then, to make matters worse, she was much better in math than I.  Mr. Bills had the practice of having problems races, where we would all go to the board and do solutions to problems he would call out.  The slowest ones were sent back to their seats and the faster ones were given another “heat”.
At first, I was slow and indifferent, but the girl in front of me was often the winner of the day.  Then Mr. Bills told us that he only gave one “A”.  Actually, I believe back then it was an “E”, or was that grade school?  Anyway, about that time, I got tired of being always beaten by a girl and evidently caught fire since I ended the class as number one.
Later I learned that Mr. Bills, Mr. Rice and the faculty routinely reviewed students for science skills and potential then would focus those students' curriculums towards heavier science loads.  I was dumb-founded to find out a few years later that I was taking college level math courses my senior year.
Oh yeah, I did eventually graduate as an Electrical Engineer from the Missouri School of Mines.  I have a much higher opinion of the faculty at Southeast than I did while I was in High School.
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