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I remember:
Miss Birkhead. Of course, English is necessary for all of us and Miss Birkhead made sure that all of us–ALL OF US–got the drift of noun, adjectives and adverbs by beating the definition of each to the rhythm of her ruler on the desk, like a drum. And we all had to recite with her, "A noun is the name of a person, place or thing," "A verb shows action or state of being," and "An adjective describes a noun or pronoun."
Did you ever have to do that? And if so, how could you ever forget? She was never a very popular teacher but I sympathized with her since I once heard she never quite got over the trauma of running over a kid while backing out of her driveway. True or not, it gave me a reason to sympathize with her and shows, perhaps, why my latest studies (half of a Ph.D.) were not in writing or literature but in psychological counseling.
    Ann Atchinson Boothe - 2004
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