Cooperative Occupational Education
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You're So Right
   In Mr. Coombe's first hour American History Class, many of the students were giving reports.
  Beverley Ramsey was reporting on Thomas Jefferson. She said, "Jefferson was disappointed in love when his girl married another fellow, so he began to indulge in deep volumes of COKE, (evidentially volumes of literature).
   She concluded, "I know this sounds funny, Mr. Coombe, but four years later he joined the BAR. Oh, well, it's all how you look at it!"
A Low Blow
   Mr. Coombe was explaining to his first hour American History why Spain fought with us over Texas.
   "It's like if you had some money in your pocket and I took it." stated Mr. Coombe.
   "But Texas wasn't in Spain's pocket." protested Beverly Ramsey.
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