Physical Education
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I remember:
Who can forget the immortal Jess Cross?  I considered him a friend and mean no disrespect when I relate this bit of history.  He was a smart track coach, I thought, probably because he didn't use me a great deal.  Anyway, wherever he was, and whatever he had to say, he usually would greet newcomers to his Phys Ed class, Track team, or Hi Y meeting with the following:
"Twelve years ago, when I came to Southeast High School, they didn't have cheating, chiseling, conniving, lumber stealing sorts of boys.  They were clean boys like you and I.  They had big hands, big legs, big chests, and little heads."
   The subject matter would continue from there but Jess now had your attention. That's about it as far as my memory banks.  It loses something in print...........needs to be put in character.
 Earl Crawford
   Bad memories.  Yes, I have a couple.  You may remember that in gym class we got "spats" for various reasons. (Just think what would happen if that was done today.)  I was the 98 lb. weakling of the class and it always seemed like Mr. Cross called Clark Smith to give me spats. As I said earlier, I was out of school my senior year for 6 weeks.  When I returned, I was standing in front of my locker when Earl Crawford came up behind me and gave me a big bear hug.  Earl felt bad about it but not as bad as I felt.
Don Masoner
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