Social Science
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    Mr. Curtis, one of Southeast's popular teachers, is well on the way to recovery.  It is reported that Mr. Curtis is getting stronger every day.  He is allowed to get up for short periods each day.  He has gained weight and his physical appearance is much better.
    Students in his social studies classes contributed much toward making Mr. Curtis' Christmas more pleasant.  One class presented him with a desk lamp and hassock.  His other classes decorated a Christmas tree with Christmas cards which were greatly appreciated.
    It is not known for sure when Mr. Curtis will be able to return.  All the students and faculty will be glad to see Mr. Curtis again. Everyone has missed his pleasing personality.
Curtis Returns After
Illness of Many Months
   Mr. Curtis received a warm welcome Monday, March 22, when he returned to the Castle following an illness of five months.
  Students were glad to see Mr, Curtis' bright smile flash around the classroom once again.
  Because of the seriousness of his illness, Mr. Curtis will not be able to maintain a full schedule until he becomes stronger.
   During his long convalescence, Mr, Curtis received many cards and get well notes from students and teachers.
Work  Our Motto?
   Mr. Curtis gave his classes a motto for the day.  He wrote it on the blackboard and it read like this, "Work like Helen B. Happy."
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