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We asked our classmates to share their memories
 about the faculty who guided us while we
were still young and impressionable
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Martha Abbot Berle Adams Nell Adams Mary Ballinger
Lawrence Bates Mabry Bills Rebecca Birkhead Mildred Campbell Dorothy Canham
Donald Chamblee Cecil Coombe Jess Cross James Curtis
'Tis education forms the common mind ... just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined. "
Betty Denny Mabel Falke Maria Fetters Elisabeth Gabbert
Vernon Griggs Evertt Hanan Helen Howell Marvin Langford Mary Latshaw
John Laury Ben Markley Margaret McKemy Rose McMaster
"The secret of education is respecting the teacher --- and the teacher having endless patience. "
Louise Mosman Maude Mueller Lucy Neville Cecil Patterson
William Paul Ann Pence Helen Perkins Leonard Rice Anna Shouse
E.A. Smith Donald Tira Hester Towles Herberta Towner
George Waterhouse   Claribel Woodward
Teachers affect eternity .... No one can tell where their influence stops. 
Their Gift to Us
When we remember our teachers we honor those who devoted their lives to educating us and countless other generations.
An email exchange between Shannon Jones and Charles McGehee  - May 2003
Wasted on the Young?
I must have not been a very serious student because I remember the kids, rather well, but I honestly don't remember any other  teacher.*  I hope they (or their gentle ghosts) would not take offense because the same can be said about my college professors, right up through grad school.
I suspect this says more about me, than them -- all going to prove education is wasted on the young. I'd love to have those times back to really fill this head with what they were so valiantly teaching. Maybe you can tell their gentle ghosts that.
Carol Dietz Tefft
* Carol said she only remembered Mr. Bills because he gave her an 8th hour.
Unsound Advice
My 5th grade teacher told me I had no artistic talent, and to stay away from art.  I did, until I was 62.   And the past 6 years have been very rewarding!
I'm not sure what my talent level is, but I sure have fun!
Dan Hill 2004
Miss Latshaw's Lament
She worried that she was "dimming diamonds and polishing pebbles.”
The real art of public teaching is in polishing pebbles and maintaining the belief that within every pebble is, if not an uncut diamond, at least a beautiful stone.
So many of our teachers at Southeast did that so well even though they would never live to know whether the polish would hold much less if there was a diamond in there
Charles McGehee
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