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I remember:
Madame Gabbert. One of my favorite teachers because she was "alive"!  Her exuberance and facial expressions were doled out daily and we basked in it. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we wanted to please her ... I don't remember her ever having to raise her voice or correct our behavior.
The progressive dinners were above the call of duty and she seemed to have as much fun as we did. Remember Mr. Powell even joined us for one of those? 
Of course the French Assembly was just a work of genius wasn't it? The French songs she taught us, still run periodically through my head and fifty years later, I can still giggle when I remember "Save Ze Bone" and Or should we? Her blue mascara was fascinating ... especially when she would roll those big eyes!
Betty Wilson Dod
Scaredy Cat
   While second hour French was taking a test, a meowing was heard outside the window.  The kitten was quickly brought into the room.  Madame Gabbert put him on the desk, and he immediately crawled behind the United Funds poster.  Someone remarked that he was shy, but from the back of the room came the reply, "No, he's just afraid of the test"
Loud Mouth
   Mrs. Gabbert was telling her 2nd hour French class how important it is to form sounds with your mouth.  She explained that the French carefully form each sound with their lips.
   Ralph Mills promptly asked, "How could a Frenchman ever be a ventriloquist?"
Double Bubble
   In 2nd hour French class, Mrs. Gabbert was putting the questions for a test on the the board.  She said, "Now this test isn't hard if you just stick to it."
   Gary Miller remarked, "She means we're stuck with it."
I remember:
My favorite teacher was Mrs. Gabbert and for the same reason both you (Betty Wilson Dod) and Shannon mentioned; the French Assembly. Kay Harkins still asks for us to do the L'apache dance (at reunions).
Ralph Mills
Mme. Gabbert, it should go without saying, introduced the world of Gallic culture with an insouciance and élan that lingers deep in the mind of at least one fawning, former Presidente des Les Chevaliers.
Don Teeters
Need A Little Help?
   Translating a story in French was giving Henry Jefferies a little trouble.  As he rather slowly stumbled though a paragraph, he started to look up a word which was new to him.
   Promptly, Mrs. Gabbert spoke up. "No coaching from the index, please."
Walk or Swim?
   Plans for an assembly were being discussed in French class.  While trying to decide what songs to use, Mrs. Gabbert suggested "We could open with the "River Seine" because you can walk in to it. (?)
The French Class at Southeast
by Shannon Jones
I don't remember who got the bright idea that Southeast should offer French as a language alternative to Latin and Spanish. I only remember it happened sometime during the early semester of our Sophomore year and once the idea was born I remember campaigning hard to make it a reality. I believe it was Miss Latshaw who suggested that Madame Gabbert was qualified to teach French ... and somehow from that point on we were energized. Enough so that when we presented our petition to the front office there were enough potential students signed up to fill two classes.
Every class was fun and a challenge. Mrs. Gabbert was not a disciplinarian but on the other hand I don't recall anyone being disruptive in her class either. We liked her and tried to please her. So a lot of work was accomplished under her guidance.
The French Classes were a popular success.  The second year we put on a special assembly. I don't recall the Spanish or Latin classes every attemping something like that.  Certainly not an assembly that included skits, music, dance and scenery.   A sort of miniture Knightlites.
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