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I See?
   Mr. Hanan, explaining to his 6th hour English class how to remain a bachelor, related this incident.  He went to the sorority house, while in college, to meet a blind date.  As they were going down the front steps she stumbled.
   Mr. Hanan being a sharpy quickly noted, "Hm! This surely is a blind date."
Some Tomato!!!!
   In newswriting class, Mr. Hanan came into the room to find a cute little tomato sitting on his desk.  His only disappoint-ment was that it was one of the garden variety.
"Them Were The Days"
   Mr. Hanan was recalling his army days to a group of newswriting students working on the Tower after school.  Geralann Kratz asked him, "Is your uniform a new one or an old one?"
   He answered, "I'm afraid it's an old one."
   "Oh, is it gray or blue ?" asked Geralann.
 (This is the way to flunk newswriting!)
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