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Just as time passes, so do memories pass as well,
but those who stirred our spirits sing in our heart  forever .
Harry R. McMillan, Principal
Each Senior owes an eternal debt for education received at public expense. The taxpayer is the investor. He cannot be repaid in monetary values. However, evidence can be given that the investment is sound through your being completely loyal to your flag; to democracy and education; to the freedoms of religion, speech, press, and assembly; to free labor and private enterprise; and to all that has made and will keep the United States of America the best place on earth to live.  This then, is your personal responsibility, your service opportunity, your patriotic challenge. Let your loyalty to all that we cherish initiate, direct, and sustain your activities all the days of your life.
Dedication in the 1954 Crusader
George R. Powell, Vice-Principal
The loyalties which men feel are sure to reveal their true character. Here at Southeast our loyalties are well expressed by our love for "Truth, Honor, Freedom, and Fair Courtesy." We also feel a deep loyalty to the ideals of Democracy as they are set forth in our State and Federal Constitutions. These loyalties prompt us to protect the rights of every citizen regardless of race, creed, color, or economic condition. Our success in fostering these ideals has earned for us an enviable reputation among all freedom-loving people of the world.
May we not rightfully expect that our graduates will firmly establish and uphold these rights through the United Nations and through international trade so that these rights may be extended to and enjoyed by every human being on earth.
Dedication in the 1954 Crusader
A NEW AND LEGAL WAY TO TEAR DOWN THE GOAL POSTS ... after a football victory is that of Southeast high school students who are dismantling the uprights at Blues stadium.   Harry R. McMillan, school principal, purchased them for $30 after promising each student a piece of the goal posts if the students were orderly after the Southeast-Rockhurst game.
Here are Claude N. Harman, business manager of athletics, John Silkiner,  tackle and fullback, Don Long,  Dan Stanley fullback, sawing on the goal post is Mike O'Byrne,  student athletic director, watching are David Morton, president of the student body roundtable, and Mr. McMillan.
Excerpted from the Kansas City Star - November 14, 1953
This is a piece of the goal post that was
given to every student.
Courtesy of Bud Hollinshead.
What I Remember
Who can forget Mr. McMillan and Mr. Powell.  In 1954 they were just administrators but as I now look back, they were our friends,
Don Masoner
I recall the annual lecture from Harry McMillan "Never let it be said and said to your shame that all was beauty here until you came."  And the morning announcements with his reminder to "Be on the Construction Gang not the the Wrecking Crew."
George Powell and his passes to return to class or to pass to a special assignment for an activity ... he would reach for his Thesaurus to find a new word to add to the pass.
We would do anything to avoid a trip to the nurses office. She was determined to keep us in class.
Curtis Wilson - Class of '59
I went to the 1959 Prom at Southeast.  My sister graduated that year and I was drafted into going to their Prom with a friend of hers.  I was soooooo embarrassed when I went through the receiving line and was greeted by Mr. McMillan and of course GRP.  They both looked at me a little inquisitively as if to say "What the Hell are you doing here?"  Both were such gentlemen that neither asked the question. 
Clark Smith
The first Day of school, Mr. McMillan made these comments each year:
"Don’t let it be said and said to your shame ... That all here was beauty until you came."
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