Social Science
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I remember:
That experiencing Mr. Langford's Speech and Family Living classes was a positive one. He was kind and supportive. His Family Living class was practical and provoked thinking about real life situations.
Barbara Fuller Comer
Marvin Langford’s Family Living - of course, sex couldn’t be mentioned, but we did talk about babies and marriage.
Sharon & Shirley Ducate
Won't Talk
   First hour Family Living class was having films. The speaker failed to come on. While turning on the lights Mr. Langford exclaimed, "I wonder what is wrong with this machine?"
   "Laryngitis," remarked Jim Lyle.
Different to Say the Least!
   Mr. Langford was telling his sixth hour Family Living class about the different marriage ceremonies. One example was being married in an airplane. At this point Jimmy Bennett raised his hand and asked, "How were Tarzan and Jane married; by swinging from one tree to another?"
   There was no answer from Mr. Langford!
I remember:
We were one of the first coed classes to have Family Living on our curricula. One of the things that Mr. Langford cleared up for me was the female physiology.
When I was around 12 years old Dad decided he should explain to me what was going on concerning certain female body functions. The bottom line is that I came out of that discussion with a fuzzy image of some kind of organ in a woman that rotated like a cam shaft with a four week rotation, dumping "stuff" out so the woman could get pregnant. Dad was a mechanic you know.
Anyway, I got a better understanding about the whole female thing from Langford's class as did several of my cronies who had some equally weird ideas about the female anatomy. 
Martin Bruns
I also have fond memories of Mr. Langford and Mr. Smith.  They both worked with me after school during my sr. year after my hospitalization to make sure that I graduated.
Don Masoner
Difference of Opinion
   In sixth hour Family Living class, Mr. Langford was asking questions that made up a test.  On one question Mike O'Byrne raised his hand and said, "That isn't the way it is stated in the book!"
Joy to the World
   In Mr. Langford's second hour Family Living class the students were getting ready to take a test.  A dog found his way into the classroom, brushed by Mr. Langford, and took refuge under the desk of one of the students.  Mr. Langford, noticing the mongrel said in his calm, cool, manner, "That dog has either halitosis or B. O." 
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