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I remember:
Mr. Markley asked me to transfer out of choir and take Drivers Ed. 
 Ramah Edwards Rembold
He was not really my favorite teacher, but  he was certainly one of the best.  I never thought of him as having any kind of life away from the school, but indeed he did.
You see, he had the best band in the city.  He took his band all over the place.  He took it to the American Royal, to parades, to ball games, to intra-city competitions, and, of course to school assemblies and school evening musical events.  He even took his band to play for the members of his Sunday School class.  In this ridiculous day and age, can you imagine a teacher packing up 40 or 50 band members, in full uniform, and taking them to his church?  We loved it.
If that happened today, the ACLU would have his "credentials."  Yes, Ben Markley was born to be our Music Man, and he truly was!
Jim Bloss
Markley Directs Cantata
   Mr. Markley directed "the Triumph of the Cross" by H. Alexander Matthews at the First Presbyterian Church in Independence, Missouri, Sunday April 11.
Members of the Southeast high school choir assisting in the presentation of the cantata were:  Jeanne Nilson and Sandra Ruhl, altos; Ralph Mills, Eddie Steiner, Don Teeters, and Gary Walton, basses.
A Tribute to Ben markley:
Ben Markley gave me so much encouragement and support; for instance, in inviting me to accompany various singing groups (My God! I LOVED the girls' Octet!!—all 8 of them!). Ben occasionally even allowed me to conduct in his absence. Unknowingly (or maybe knowingly), he planted the seeds of what turned out to be my career in music.
 Don Teeters
Markley Leads Annual
Church Music Festival
   Ben E. Markley led the combined choir of twenty Independence congregations at the ninth annual Church Music Festival, May 2, at Independence.  The program was sponsored by the Independence Ministerial alliance in co-operation with the Independence Community Music Association.
   A 100-voice children's choir furnished two selections, accompanied by the Independence Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Franklyn Weddle.
    Charles H. Watson sang two solos and a dramatic reading: "Renascence" was given by Austin Edwards of William Jewell College.  Many hymns were also sung
   Members of the Southeast choir assisting in the presentation were: Jeanne Nilson, Sandra Ruhl, Ralph Mills, and Don Teeters.
I remember:
I remember an incident when Ben Markley was driving several of us students to the Missouri State music competition.  I am not saying he was a bad driver, but you know he had only one eye.  The other was glass.  Without the benefit of 3-dimensional depth perception he was all over the highway.  Often we were in the oncoming traffic lane.  I was sitting in the front passenger seat and was scared out of my wits.  We arrived at the competition safely, but I made it a point to ride in the back seat during the return trip home.
These comments may not be what most people think of as a tribute, but it is a memory that is forever linked in my mind to  Mr. Markley.  Having said that I am grateful for the fact that he passed his love of good music on to me so strongly that it is alive and well all these years later.
Shannon Jones
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