Social Science
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You're So Right
Miss McMaster, in her 5th hour American History class, was explaining the power of the government to Jim Sykes.  She mentioned that during the Revolutionary War, the government had no power to enforce laws.  "Now, however, we all know what it means when Uncle Sam says, 'We want you'," quipped Garry Miller.
Pleasing Politics
   Miss McMaster, in her 6th hour American History class, asked Joe Ventimiglia how he would go about getting a nomination for the U. S. Senate.  His answer was, "I'd give a spaghetti dinner."
Somebody? Anybody?
   Miss McMaster, 5th hour American His-tory class was discussing the equal rights of men and women when Miss McMaster asked Garry Miller if his wife would have to work after he was married.
   Florence Newsom answered for him.  "Well, somebody will have to support him!"
All is Bright
   In 5th hour American History class, Miss McMaster was talking about giving reasons to our parents for doing things.  She said, "We have to think reasons that really hold water."
   To that statement Garry Miller remarked. "The trouble is they usually spring a leak!"
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