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I remember:
Miss Mossman, my shorthand teacher, encouraged me in what was a successful career for me, both as a legal secretary and an Executive Assistant.
 Beverly Reynolds Yonts
Mrs. Mossman and Mr. Tira chaperoning Teen Town every Saturday night! Their rulers that they used to separate couples.
 Sharon & Shirley (Ducate)
I would have to say that my stenographer teacher (Miss Mossman) had a great influence on how I dealt with persons in the working field.  She encouraged me to be the best that I could be and to always strive to do my best for any employer.  I always tried to heed her words. I think I did okay.
Glenna Ellis  Marshall
My favorite two teachers I guess are Mr. Tira ad Miss Mossman. I’m sure I didn’t appreciate, at the time, their dedication and sacrifice to all of us for their Saturday nights at Teen Town.
Mary Attebery Lanham
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