Social Science
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I remember:
Mr. Smith, who must have come up with the short straw in being assigned to teach the course that I think was called Family Living. Precise, to the point of prissiness, Mr. Smith was neatness personified in appearance and speech. His diction was faultless: “picture” was “pickkkk-ture.” Perhaps he was given the class to teach because he was among that lonely crowd of married faculty.
   I shall never forget the lascivious undertone of bravado mixed with embarrassment among the students whenever Mr. Smith’s clinically correct discussions about the mechanics of  “s_x” came up in the day’s lesson plan. Indeed, I wonder if anybody who took the course remembers anything BUT those days.
Also memorable was the needling he took, not cruel but killingly funny to those of us who needed temperature relief: heavy breathing was rife in that room! Some of the jocks in the class, when they weren’t busy adjusting their garments, tried to shake up poor Mr. Smith with all kinds of loaded questions, but he persevered as the perfect pickkk-ture of decorum.
Poor man! It is interesting that that was 50 years ago and still today that subject, even in benignly generic format, is banned in many public schools. I read that it generates the most heat of any subject in parental discussion groups concerned with secondary curricula.
Don Teeters
Hearing is Seeing
   In Psychology second hour, the discussion was on hearing.  Mr. Smith asked for three uses of the outer ear.  The first two answers were "protection" and "directing sound into the ear."
   Mr. Smith then asked what the third use was.
   Dave Hudson promptly replied, "To hold up your glasses."
I remember:
I have fond memories of Mr. Langford and Mr. Smith.  They both worked with me after school during my senior year after my hospitalization to make sure that I graduated.
Don Masoner
I remember Mr. Smith as a soft-spoken man. I hesitate to use the term ... a sweet person ... but it fits. He was our Beta Club sponsor but I also had him for Civics my senior year. Mostly what I remember about Mr. Smith is his pronunciation and frequent use of the word "philanthropic." I can't begin to duplicate a phonetic spelling of the way he pronounced that word but it was different. I had never heard it pronounced the way he did it before ... or in the 50 years since.
Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones BETA Pledge Book
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