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I remember:
The popular, charming, Donald Tira whom many a coed would have chosen as the most popular teacher, especially the ladies in our class. But also because he taught me two things I use every day–driving a car and typing–he is one of my favorite teachers.  Also because he made these two rather mundane subjects fun and painless.  His daughter, Donna, was in our class and I always admired the way they kept their personal things separate from school–Donna was like any other student and he never favored her because she was his daughter.
Ann Atchinson Boothe
We remember Mrs. Mossman and Mr. Tira chaperoning Teen Town every Saturday night! Their rulers that they used to separate couples.
 Sharon and Shirley Ducate
Just Won't Work
   In first hour typing, Mr. Tira was assigning new seats. Dick Shinkle was given a machine that was out of order. When he saw this, he called out, "Hey, this typewriter doesn't work." 
   "That's all right," answered Mr. Tira, "Neither do you. Sit down.
   In 7th hour typing, the word zwieback appeared in a series of unusual words to be typed.  When one of the students inquired as to the meaning of the word, Mr. Tira asked if anyone knew.
    Jim Bennett immediately responded, "That's when a person rides a young horse and it gets that way."
   Note: Zwieback is a kind of hard bread or toast.
About Mr. Tira:
I want to say a word in honor of a teacher that I suspect few of my colleagues will mention in their memories of Southeast. He is Don Tira. I took his typing course to avoid anything that might require thought or homework. In the unfolding age of computer geekdom it turns out to have been, if not the most valuable course I took at Southeast, at least way up near the top. No hunt and peck for this nerd, baby!
 Don Teeters
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