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A 2004 Letter from Ron to his Southeast Classmates
After Southeast, I attended K.C. Junior College for two years and then continued at Kansas City University, getting my BA in general history. I went on to get my MA in Jewish History and Hebrew Literature at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. In the meantime, I married Judy Beck (Denver), and our first daughter was born. We moved to Los Angeles where I taught social studies, English and Hebrew as a foreign language. There, our second daughter was born.
In 1969, we moved to Israel where our son was born, and I began teaching English on the high school and college levels, which I continued until I retired in 2001. The truth is that since retirement, I have been teaching part-time, so I suppose we would term my status as semi-retired.
Today, I am actively involved in my synagogue, local politics, Israel public relations and with my children and nine grandchildren. My two oldest grandsons are in the army. Unfortunately, we are at war, so this is a necessity. I served on active reserve duty for seventeen years. No, I didn’t reach the rank of Colonel – just buck private.
An additional activity is daily exercise at our local sport center, where I try to keep in shape. Today, I am about 4-5 kilos overweight (not too bad) and lost most of the hair I once had. In addition, I had my prostate taken out four years ago. Other than that, I’m pretty much still in one piece, thank God.
I’m sorry I can’t participate in our (50th) reunion. Fondest regards to all my old friends. I’d be happy to respond if anyone wants to write. 
My email address is:    ribelzser@gmail.com
Pictures Ron shared in 2004
Ron and Judy at their wedding - 1960
This photo was taken of Ron, Judy, and their daughters, Aliza and Shira before the family move to Israel in June 1969.
This 2002 photo of Ron and his family includes his two daughters and their husbands, his son, Micha, nine grandchildren (aged 7 to 21), his wife Judy, and her mother and  sister.
Ron sent us this email picture of his family in 2010
Near the end of this page there is more recent photo of Ron's family and a message from him.
Ronnie Belzer Tours Holy land
On Kehilath Israel Scholarship
Honor Knight Cadet
Ronnie Belzer Named Cadet
Colonel of City ROTC Corps
    Another honor has come to Southeast.  Ronnie Belzer was selected cadet colonel for the city high school cadet corps.  He was named the outstanding cadet of 1,173 Kansas City high school R.O.T.C. members.
   Eight Kansas City high schools competed. Cadets from Paseo, Southwest, East, Northeast, Central, Lincoln, R. T. Coles, and Southeast were given three types of tests.  The first was to test drill ability; the second, a written examination at the Norman school; the third, a personal interview by seven prominent people.
   After grading the tests, the trophy was presented to Ronnie at Norman by John M. Gregory, a member of the board of education.  A medal was given to each of the other finalists.

   Jerry Roberts, a sophomore at South-west, became sergeant-major of the corps.  He was selected from a younger group of cadets, who took similar tests.

   Ronnie and Jerry, along with the seven cadets that competed in each section, will make up the headquarters of the corps.  Their duties will be to organize the corps' ball in February and its circus in April.

   Joleen Watts received the Margaret Kemp Memorial Award for one year.
College Scholarships
Awarded Graduates
   Seniors this year have been awarded many college scholarships. Most of these awards can be renewed from year to year if high scholarship is maintained.
   Ann Atchinson and Paul Hocott received scholarships for one year by curators awards. Ann was also awarded a $400 Mnookin-Brown scholarship for the college of her choice.
   Ronnie Belzer has been awarded the Lieberman Scholarship to Junior College.
   A Baylor University honor scholar-ship was received by Elizabeth Crosby.
   Louis Eckstein received the Harding College freshman scholar-ship.
   John Griffith and Gary Walton both received valuable Navy ROTC awards, good for five years.
   Mona Halliburton was awarded the Missouri Valley Honor Scholar-ship for one year.
   David Morton received two scholarships good for one year each. The William Jewell and Sears Roebuck and Co. scholarships were awarded him.
    Central Missouri state college scholarships were received by Carolyn Needles and Carol Von Demfange.
  Darlene Stanley was given a Baker University achievement scholarship for one year.
   Joleen Watts received the Margaret Kemp Memorial Award for one year.
In The Spotlight
    Spotlighting our regimental cadet colonel, Ronnie Belzer, is a simple task as his accomplishments and activities are many.
   The selection of Ronnie as cadet colonel of the ROTC regiment proved that he has been a diligent worker in ROTC.
   Last summer was a thrilling experience for Ronnie because he won a scholarship trip to the Holy Land.  He studied and toured Israel and furthered his education by touring Europe.
    Ronnie has an outstanding scholastic record and has proven his fine leadership abilities by serving as this semester's president of the Beta Club. He is also a member of the senior business committee, and was last semester's sgt-at-arms of our Round Table.
    Ronnie was chosen to represent Southeast on "Larry Ray's Top Three" television program because of his leadership, scholarship and unusual experiences.
    His future plans are to attend Junior College or Kansas City University for two years and eventually enter the field of medicine.
   This brilliant and capable senior boy has earned his place in this week's spotlight.
Belzer to Lead Beta
Club Second Semester
   The Beta Club has chosen their officers for the second semester.
   The newly elected president is Ronnie Belzer.  His duties are to capably lead the functions of the club and to officiate at meetings.
Brackney and Belzer
Appear on TV Show
"Ray's Top Three"
All of these articles came from issues of the Tower published our senior year.
Southeast championship ROTC cadets pass in review before the entire student body on federal inspection day, May 4.  Mr. McMillan, principal; Capt. Reynolds, the reviewing officer; Cadet Col. Ronald Belzer; and Howard Jones, battalion commander, inspected the battalion immediately after the parade.
A 2009 Photo and 2015 Greeting from Ron
From a February 22, 2015 email to Marty Bruns and Shannon Jones
I get to see the pictures of many of my former classmates from the weekly get-togethers.  I thought that maybe some of you would like to see the guy who pesters you all with Israel's side of the Middle-East conflict.  Here is a family picture (taken at my wife's 70th birthday party) with my three children, nine grandchildren, three and a half great grandchildren and the various spouses. The ugly guy with the hat on the left is me.  Under the hat is an ugly, bald head.  Oh well!  You can't have everything.
A 2015 Update  from Ron
Shalom to all my Friends
An email to Shannon Jones
Today is September 16, 2015.     My age has had a big impact on my daily life.  My health has declined with two major problems:  prostate cancer with metastasis  in my hips and lungs. Fortunately, I'm not in pain and the cancer is being treated with periodic  chemotherapy, so I hope and pray that it is under control.  The second condition is constant fatigue, which has considerably affected my daily life.  Until about 3-4 years ago, I was active physically  with regular walking, exercise, swimming, and cycling.  Regrettably,  I'm very limited in walking and use a crutch to walk.  The doctors do not know the source of the fatigue and general weakness. Age is no doubt a factor,  but my situation is significantly worse.  I believe that it may be an accumulation of various medications I've taken over the years and their negative side effect
Despite all of this,  we have an active social life and just have to take into consideration my handicaps.  Thank God, my wife Judy is in good health and has a lot of energy to help me and take care of the house.   
Because of my handicap, we decided to move to Kfar Saba (a smaller city about 20 minutes from Petach Tikva) to be near our daughter and her family.  We have never been rich,  but as I indicated, I feel immeasurably wealthy when we count our blessings, the biggest of which is our progeny: 3 children, 9 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.  Someone told me in jest that with this increase, my sex life must have improved considerably.
Fondest regard to all of you.
A 2016 Update 
An email to Shannon Jones
Thank you very much for everything you sent in honor of my dad (for his 80th birthday celebration).   I regret to announce that my father passed away last night (May 18th 2016). He could not make it to his celebration. I am going to go ahead and make the album in his memory. I will definitely include the material you sent.
With great sorrow,  Shira
We lost a friend.  But Ron 's memory lives on.
Ron and I had corresponeded for many years.   I often shared his thought and comments concernig Israel and the situation in his adopted homeland.  When I received the news of his passing I sent a message to over 80 friends and classmates:
Yesterday morning I received a message that Ron (Belzer) had passed away. 
I knew Ron in high school.  We had several classes together and were both members of the BETA club and ROTC.  But my closeness to Ron grew much stronger over the years after school.  Ron and I exchanged many emails – arguing and agreeing on a host of subjects.  I will truly miss him and all the thoughts he so willingly shared with me.  He has blessed me in so many ways I cannot even begin to recount them.
Ron did not live to celebrate his 80th birthday.  I tell you this because I will no longer be able to share the news he regularly sent me and I shared with you, reporting on the situation in his adoped homeland. "
I received countless responses to that email.  Some were from Ron's classmates who knew him well.   But many from people Ron never knew but they knew him.  I heard  from those with whom I shared Ron's comments and news.  All of them expressed their sadness at his passing and comdolenses to his family.  They also expressed the loss they felt at no longer benefiting from Ron's updates.
Ron, goodbye dear friend.  I will think of you every time I open my emails and face anew the sadness that there is not a message from you.  SJ
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