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When this presentation was created in 2004, Jim said he had only one photograph to share with us. 
However, ten years later Jim said he found several pictures of himself as a youngster.  So here they are here too.
This is the picture Jim initially submitted.
John Bloss, Shirley, Jim, James Bloss
Seated, left to right:  Ryan Bloss, 15, Stephanie Bloss, 13, Eric Bloss, 10, Gregory Bloss. 15.  Ryan, Stephen and Eric are the children of my youngest son, John.
Greg is James' son.  Another grandson, Matthew, 6, is not in the picture.
Here are the photographs that Jim found later.
                        Baby Jimmy in 1937.
           1942 - Growing up.
                                  Cub Scout Jim.
Jim with Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
              Jim  dandy 1954
4 year old Jimmy.
Bare foot 8 year old.              
The 11 Year Old Adventurer.
1948 - Jim and Dad
When this presentation was created in 2004, Jim had no idea that his high school friends had pictures of him in school and later in life.
Jim partying with his high school friends.
Delbert Hinshaw, Shannon Jones and Jim.
Jim relaxing during the Mill's visit.!
Jim with Sandra Steele and Shannon Jones
Jim with Ralph & Joyce Mills during their visit.   That's the Mill's "bus" behind them.
Music Ratings Given
Honor Outstanding Students
In State Contest at Columbia
   Southeast placed second in the Class A state contest at Columbia, April 30. The Missouri high school music contestants were scored with I, II, or III ratings. Southeast had thirteen I ratings and eleven II's.
    Those receiving a rating of I in the contest were: Marcia Crossley, cello; Don Teeters and Sue Harris, piano; David Crowley, oboe; Fred Hearn, tenor saxophone; Larry Meadows, clarinet; Jim Averill, cornet; Steve Johnson, trombone; Sylvia Flannery, girls' high voice; Ed Steiner, boys' low voice; clarinet quartet─Shannon Jones, Jim Bloss, Bud Crosby, and Gerry Dewar; girls' quartet─Jean Dawson, Sylvia Flannery, Martha Blom, and Jean Nilson.
   Number II ratings were given the following: Dennis Rendina, violin; trombone quartet─Douglas Ayers, Steve Johnson, Charles Stotts, and Charles Brown; Bud Crosby, clarinet; Don Niebergall, alto saxophone; Dick Halliburton, cornet; Douglas Ayers, trombone; Marilyn Johnson, girls' low voice; Gary Walton and Ralph Mills, boys' low voice; Douglas Mattenlee, boy's medium voice; Julie Thompson and Marnell Higley, high voice.
Chit Chat
   Carole Means and Jim Bloss, Danny Hill and Martha Barnes, Betty Huska and Dick Kirwan, Jackie Greer and "Chub" Mills, were seen feeding' their faces at a surprise birthday supper for Gary Walton given by Betty Nelson.
Jim at the Southeast 50th Reunion - 2004
 As the years passed Jim sent these photos to share.
It looks like Jim had a successful fishing trip
Jim still an Adventurer!
Jim and Shirley living the good life.
Be sure to check out this special page
To see the rating Jim and the Southeast
Clarinet Quartet got at the Missouri State
Music Contest
CLICK on the clarinet
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