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Jim's life from 1938 to 2004
The Early Years
Jim identified several of our classmates in this Music Recital photograph from 1945.  Can you?
Jim and Bud Hollinshead High School ROTC buddies
Jim, served in the
United Sates Air Force.
Jim is at home on land, sea and sky.
In 2004 Jim shared these family photos for this presentation.
Skiing with wife Linda
 and daughter Jamie
Fishing in Mexico
Do you believe this!
Jim's Life After High School
Excerpted from a 2004 Email to Shannon Jones
My hobbies, aside from raising my family and making a living, have primarily been scuba diving, alpine skiing, photography and boating.  We currently own a 26 foot cabin cruiser which I don't get to use often enough, but primarily use it in the ocean and like cruising and camping on Catalina Island. Occasionally play tennis.  We spend thanksgiving holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico each year, usually ski at or around Squaw Valley, CA (north end of Lake Tahoe) and spend a week at Lake Tahoe at the end of August every year.
  I have been to Greenland, Iceland, Labrador and Point Barrow, Alaska (northern most inhabited spot on the north American continent).  My dream is to get to Antarctica and if possible scuba dive under the ice.
 I think I've had a pretty terrific life. I can't say that it is all due to my educational start at Southeast, but from what I see and observed when my kids were in school (I still have a daughter at UCSB), I think we had an exceptional educational opportunity as compared to the schooling that is presented today....
 I can only hope that the rest of my classmates were as lucky as I have been.  I'm still working, but I have a kit car that I have had for 13 years, a replica of a 1929 Mercedes Roadster, and I hear it calling (or is it my wife complaining about the space it is taking up in the garage). I am getting anxious to put it together, so I think I will be retiring within the next year.  Work is just so much fun, I hate to give it up!
A 2016 Update
Excerpted from a 2006 Email to Shannon Jones
You are right, we are lucky to have lived this long.  Add to that I finally caught up to free skiing by reaching 80 years old. I now can ski free at Mammoth mountain, June Mountain, Bear Mountain, and Snow Summit.  With our move to Nevada we are within 1 1/2 hours of 4 ski areas.  Life is good.
We don't ski like we used to, but plan on skiing till we drop.
When last I updated my info I didn't have any great grandchildren, update that to three great granddaughters with more to come. 
 OBTW, happy birthday to you! Isn't it great to be octogenarians??!!
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