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Bill shared these scenes from his life.
Before High School
  Bill and Nanette Preston
Masonic Honor Guard
Shannon Jones, Jack Sherwood (class of '53) and Bill
Bill  and Charles Welty  
Cub Scout Pack 108 - paper drive
Steve Durrett, Dick Linck, Shannon Jones
Harry Synder ('55), Jack Sherwood & Bill
Blenheim Elementary School - 1949
High School
Wouldn't It Be Funny?
● Claudia Horn were a drum instead of a Horn.
● Bill were a weekly instead of a Daily.
● Janice were a room instead of a Ha
● Dick were a chain instead of a Linck.
● Sandy were a yardstick instead of a Ruhl.
● Roger were a butcher instead of a Taylor.
● Nancy were a joy instead of a Payne
● Danny were a mountain instead of a Hill.
● Carol were a loss instead of a Gain.
● Bob were a waiter instead of a Butler.
● Janet were a Cadillac instead of a Hudson.
● Jo Ann were a bird instead of a Fish.
This article came from an issue of the Tower published our senior year.
Checking out Colleges

Bill with high school buddies Silkiner, Hillis, and (?)

Bill took his college studies seriously
He got an "A" in Greased Pig Wrestling
Living the
A Message from Bill in 2004
We moved here to the (Florida) panhandle about a year and a half ago - from Cincinnati. Snow, like we had in Cincinnati (and Kansas City), were great when I was young. Now I am happy to be here and be away from cold winters.
Not too old to be running with the wind on the Stars and Stripes.
Bill's Grandchildren
Bill's daughters from his previous marriage
Dawn and Lisa
Still feeling young enough to get on the floor to play horsey with his granddaughter
Bill turning 65
His gift was a cane with all the extras such as a rear view mirrors
Bill at the 50th Southeast Reunion - 2004
Bill and Bev Reynolds Yonts
2010 Update
From an email to Marty Bruns
I wanted to send you a picture of Bob Hillis and myself at the Fort Walton Beach Tea Party on April 15.
But somehow Bob got delayed and ended up going to the one in Niceville.  
So, here is the picture I took of myself.
The 60th Southeast Reunion - 2014
See the entire 60th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Bill at the reunion picnic Bill, Shannon Jones,
   Dot and Clark Smith
Bill chatting with Ron Comer (Class of '53)
Bill, Shirley (Ducat) Hoffman, and Barb (Fuller) Comer
Bill having breakfast with Ron Comer at the hotel.
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