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Here are some images of  the "embraceable" Leroy.
Hey!  Don't ask us!  Ask Pat!
Pershing Grade School
Leroy Flying
Southeast Track Team
by Tom Williams
A Bad Day for La Profesora
When the Spanish Class got to making too much noise (a daily occurrence, as I remember it), Miss Towner would quietly take it for a little while.  Then, with a stern look, she would raise her voice above the din and say, "La profesora espera, y espera, y espera, y los alumnos hablan, y hablan, y hablan."  (The teacher waits, and waits, and waits, and the students talk, and talk, and talk.
When the decibel level got TOO high, la profesora might just exclaim, "¡SILENCIO!"  That usually worked, for a while. 
But what really made Spanish class enjoyable for me was that I sat right in front of Leroy Ganser, master comedian.  Roy was not a boisterous comic.  He was better than that.  Roy was soft-spoken and subtle.  His output was steady though, whether making creative comments about la profesora's remarks, deliberately mangling pronunciations (or giving supposedly Spanish-style pronunciations to English words, such as A-rah-SUR for eraser), or whatever came to his fertile mind. 
Roy was so soft-spoken that I was probably the only beneficiary of much of his humor, and I suppose Señorita Towner wondered why my body was always jiggling and I was covering my face or looking toward the wall.  It's really hard listening to a good comedian and trying not to laugh out loud.  But I made the effort, and I enjoyed every minute of it.
One day, Roy must have been in especially good form – highly productive and maybe a bit louder than usual.  Toward the end of the hour, when la señorita got the class settled down doing some assigned reading, she quietly came over and stood beside Roy's desk, right behind me.  I heard her say very softly, "Leroy, I don't like today."  Just as softly, I heard Roy say, "What?  The weather?"  Well, of course, I as the principal audience was already well warmed up and I don't know how I kept from rolling in the aisle on that one.  Luckily, the bell rang about that time, and I was able to make a quick getaway for a good hallway guffaw. 
Muchas gracias for the memories, Roy.
 And Miss Towner, too, may you rest in peace.
Leroy the Married Man --- and Father
Pat and Leroy Ganser - 1961
Leroy, Pat, Gail, and Karen - 1976
Years pass and the family grows!
Leroy shows us WORKING HARD is for the birds!
The 50th Southeast Reunion - 2004

The 2006 Birthday Cruise
where Southeast Knights and Ladies celebrated
their 70th Birthdays together
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Pat and Leroy with Jean  Leroy at an exotic shore excursion
Anne (Dawson) Williams  
Leroy and Tom Williams John & Rebekah Silkiner,  Jean
  Anne (Dawson) Williams with Pat and Leroy
Enjoying a cool one in Cozumel Exploring in Belize
Leroy and Pat at the Birthday Party Leroy, Pat, Tom & Jean Anne Williams, Carol
   (Hamarstrom) Jackson and Norman Nester
John Silkiner, Leroy, Clark Smith, Bruce Poteet Leroy, Pat and Ellen Poteet
  at the last day Cocktail Party
Relaxing after a busy day of touring
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
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Leroy and Dean DeWitt Pat and Leroy at the Cinzettil Luncheon
... then on to Branson, Missouri
Leroy with Dean & Betty (Moehle) DeWitt Leroy and Pat at Montana Mike's Steak House
Leroy at the Branson Showboat show.
Leroy standing outside the NOAH Show with Classmates
Leroy and Pat at the Yakov head  Leroy with his Pershing grade school classmates
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