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Here are photos of Danny's life before
and after high school.
Most of the captions are by Dan.
Just before going to Southeast High
Dan in costume for a variety show in 7th grade at Chick school
Dancing minuet  in the KC Centennial pageant - Starlight - 1950
Graduation day at Chick Elementary School - 1949
Boys of Chick school
The 7th grade class was so small the 6th graders were in the same classroom.
The High School Years - Dan the Thespian
Knightlites 1954
Penthouse Players partying
Helping Florence Newson with make-up. Danny in one of the many school plays
Knightlites 1954
Missouri Boys State - Summer of 1963
None of the guys I was housed with Southeast guys who went to Boys State
 were from Kansas City  
Danny's Graduation - July 1954
Mr. McMillan, Danny and Mr. Powell.
   The Penthouse Players at the recent meeting elected the following officers:  Louis Eckstein, president; Danny Hill, vice-president; Nanette Preston, secretary; Charles Clayton, treasurer; Roberta Pilant and Jane Seitz, co-membership chairmen; Harry Synder, house man-ager; Florence Newsom, publicity chairman.
Enthusiastic Response
Shown by Student Body
   Southeast students congregated November 6, for one of the peppiest pep assemblies in Southeast history. Mr. Markley led the band in several lively marches during the course of the program. After the student body finished singing "On Southeast Knights," Dave Morton introduced the special speaker. This speaker turned out to be none other than our own Mr. Laury. Mr. Laury made a prophecy as to the outcome of the game. Then the cheerleaders led us in several cheers.
    The cheerleaders, ably assisted by Danny Hill gave a skit built around the scalping of the Southwest Indians.
Southeast Beta Club Chooses
Capable Leaders as Officers
   First semester offices for the Beta Club, elected at the end of last year, took over their duties at the first meeting September 24.  The officers are Louis Eckstein, president; Oletha Ludwig, vice-president; Jo Ann Fish, recording secretary; Yvonne L'Hommedieu, corresponding secretary; Ronnie Hildebrand, treasurer; Danny Hill, sergeant-at-arms; Lois Garner and Darlene Stanley, keeper-of-the archives; and Liz Crosby, Tower reporter.
   It was announced that Oletha Ludwig had been chosen to replace Mary Ann Cooper as president of the Missouri-Oklahoma Beta Convention
  The Penthouse Players ratified the new constitution which has been written by Danny Hill.  They also set the date as Wednesday, May 19, for the Penthouse variety show.
Chit Chat
    Carole Means and Jim Bloss, Danny Hill and Martha Barnes, Betty Huska and Dick Kirwan, Jackie Greer and "Chub" Mills were seen feedin' their faces at a surprise birthday supper for Gary Walton given by Betty Nelson.
Season for Penthouse
Begins Successfully
   The Penthouse Players, the producing organization of our school have chosen their theme for this year. "Plays from Far and Near" is what the plays will be built around.
   Their first play of the season, was an entertaining story entitled, "A Portrait of Nelson Holliday Jr." The leading character, Nelson, a fifteen year old boy, was portrayed by Harry Snider. The rest of the cast included Charles Clayton, Gloria Carter, Edell Schaefer, Florence Newsom, Jo Lenz, Jack Middleton, Ronald Pine, Barbara Hummer, and Douglas Ayer
   Danny Hill, director, and Louis Eck-stein, assistant director, both did an excellent job directing the play. They put forth much time and effort to make it a good one. We may be sure to expect more entertaining plays from the Penthouse Players this year.
In The Spotlight
   The beam of the spotlight shines brightly on an outstanding senior boy, Danny Hill.
   This year Danny is capably holding the office of editor-in-chief of the Crusader.
   Being sergeant-at-arms of the Beta Club and chairman of the publicity committee for Teen Town are two more of Danny's accomplishments.
   Danny's ability to speak has enabled him to be in the Spring Play for two years and in various speech assemblies.  He is the vice-president of Penthouse and holds this office with responsibility.
  He has been in Knightlites for four years and is a member of the choir.
   Last summer he was a representative to Missouri Boys State.
   After graduation Danny plans to attend college to study teaching.  Danny's ability to co-operate and willingness to help will be great assets in his future work.
"Muzzey, Please!"
   Mrs. Harris's second hour American History class was discussing the government relief organizations which operated during the depression.
   Danny Hill asked, "What does W.P.A. stand for?"
   "We piddle around," piped up Charles Hynden.
Hill to Head Crusader;
Eckstein, Eichman Aids
   At the beginning of the new school year our Crusader Staff promptly began work. Mr. Tira supervisor, chose the staff: Danny Hill, editor, Louis Eckstein and Don Eichman, assistant co-editors; Mary Louise Erickson, secretary and business manager; Ann Atchinson, literary editor; Lois Garner and Darlene Stanley, art editors; Oletha Ludwig, senior editor; Leann Riggs, junior editor; Shirley Fenton, sophomore editor; Carol Gain, freshman editor, Jane Seitz, eight grade editor; Carol Hamarstrom, clubs and activities; Phyllis Graf, athletics. With this staff, we can be looking forward to an outstanding Crusader in '54.
Wouldn't It Be Funny?
● Claudia Horn were a drum instead of a Horn.
● Bill were a weekly instead of a Daily.
● Janice were a room instead of a Hall.
● Dick were a chain instead of a Linck.
● Sandy were a yardstick instead of a Ruhl.
● Roger were a butcher instead of a Taylor.
● Danny were a mountain instead of a Hill.
● Carol were a loss instead of a Gain.
● Bob were a waiter instead of a Butler.
● Janet were a Cadillac instead of a Hudson.
● Jo Ann were a bird instead of a Fish.
Chit Chat
   Recently a surprise (hah) party was thrown for Danny Hill. Those attending were: Art Hill, Gary Walton, Betty Nelson, Don Masoner, Ralph Mills, Jackie Greer, Ann Atchinson, Bob Hodges (Paseo '53), Margie Grace, (J.C.), and a bunch of Paseo-ites.
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year
The Air Force Years
Directing USAF barracks cleanup for inspection in basic training - 1958 1958-59 in Monterey studying Russian-  the Army Language School.-
1959 - Graduation party from language school. Joking with the captain in charge of all the Air Force personnel.
1958- 1959 Monterey Bay
1982 - North Cascade Highway - Washington
1972 - In Leningrad, in front of
the Aurora, where the first shots of the revolution were supposedly fired.
Wearing the traditional floral headdress
1987 - Hard work landscaping yard - Tacoma, Washington

I have no idea when or where this picture was taken, but I like it!

Olympic Peninsula - 1980’s
1994 - Teaching  my dog, Schatzie to smell the flowers.   Des Moines, Washington.
Getting on with Life
and traveling the world
Chicago - 1967
 -After the Air Force - directing play
An opera costume party - 1966
Early 1990’s - playing Santa Claus at the office Christmas Party.
Early 70s - After a long hard  day's
  work at a Houston Convention.
1969-1970 Oregon Coast
My favorite passport photo of all

I’ve had taken!  Mom hated it!

1972 -Picnic lunch
 on a river pier in Sweden
Getting ready to scuba
Bora Bora - 1978
Having a compari in At a party after work with my
Florence, Italy - 2001 partner Bill Barr - 1993
Dan touring Africa
1993 on the bus to Nairobi, after 12 days of safari in Kenya.
A Message from Dan
Excerpt of an email to Shannon Jones
I've been trying to balance my time between getting the spring yard work done, finding stuff for you (photos for this reunion CD), and working on a project that I'm involved in. 
I don't know if I've ever told you, but when I retired, I took up painting as a hobby.  It was very rewarding, but I soon migrated into sculpting.  That really is exciting for me.  I've worked in clay, liquid stone, concrete, soapstone, and alabaster, and have had a couple of my pieces cast in bronze.
A couple of months ago, my physician asked me to build a fountain in front of the clinic, with a sculpture in the middle.  I'm building a copper rendition of one of my earlier stone creations.  It will stand about 6-1/2 feet tall, in the middle of a 7 foot square basin, surrounded by 4 bubbling fountains.  It has been quite a challenge to work. Not only have I not worked in copper before, but this is the largest project I have undertaken, and the first for someone other than myself as a hobby.  And the worst was the plumbing.  But I have approval on the model, have worked with the architect on the specs for the basin, and plan to begin cutting the copper for the actual sculpture next week.
Thought you might be interested.  My 5th grade teacher told me I had no artistic talent, and to stay away from art.  I did, until I was 62.   And the past 6 years have been very rewarding!  I'm not sure what my talent level is, but I sure have fun!
Some of Dan's Sculptures
A 2004 Visit to See Dan's Work
by Shannon Jones
When preparing this presentation for the 50th Reunion, Dan and I swapped many emails. During that time he told me about the fountain sculpture project he was working on and related the comment his 5th grade teacher made about his having, "no artistic talent" so he should "stay away from art."
I was more than intrigued by this comment because his emails to me were filled with enthusiasm that reflected  his obvious love of art and sculpture.
I arrived in Kansas City a few days early for our reunion. I called Dan and asked if I might come by for a short visit and see some of his work and perhaps take a photograph or two. He was most gracious in his response and we agreed to meet the next day.
To say I was bowled over with admiration for the product of Dan's artistic talent is an understatement. His home is filled with his work. Everywhere I looked there were not only sculptures but fine drawings, sketches, paintings, and photography. What was intended to be a short meeting ending up a delightful visit and lunch that lasted many hours.
I want to share some of Dan's work with you.  Below are just a few of the wonderful  items Dan has on display in and outside his home.
One of my personal favorite sculptures is in Dan's front yard.
A Hippo in the Front Yard
This impressive piece not only demonstrates Dan's talent for sculpture but also his keen sense of humor and imagination.
Upon approaching Dan's house you encounter a large concrete hippopotamus head which appears to have just surfaced from a pool of granite pebbles.
Here is Dan's model for the fountain sculpture project he has been working on and the full scale realization of his concept.
Danny at the 50th Southeast Reunion - 2004
One of Danny's Last works
This sculpture was a lot of work, because each of the birds was cast separately. As I was casting, the poly-urethane would burn out the mold. So I went through 5 or 6 molds just to get all of the birds cast. The only one that is painted is the white one. The red ones were made by dying the liquid plastic before casting. But it has been a fun experience, and I learned a lot in the process.  
So I'm happy.  I just hope someone bids on it
The sculpture is a copper tree, with resin bark on the trunk.  There are 100 copper branches on the tree, each ending in artificial greenery.  At the end of each branch sits a polyurethane red bird.
A copper loop at the top of the tree supports a single polyurethane white bird.  Lighting is clear lights wound around the trunk.  The tree is 68” tall, and 32” in diameter.
The tree was built as a donation to KVC Behavioral Healthcare, to be auctioned at their annual fundraiser.  KVC is a private, not-for-profit organization providing an integrated system of services for emotionally and behaviorally impaired, abused, neglected, runaway, and homeless children.  Services include psychiatric hospital, residential services, foster care, emergency shelter, pediatric clinic, out-patient counseling, adoption support, parenting training, in-home family therapy, and confidence training
A 2009 Photograph of Danny
Taken at a weekly gathering of Southeast Classmates
Danny passed away
May 6, 2009
He passed quietly  and peaceful
surrounded by loved ones.
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