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Images from Harry's Life
Before, during, and after High School
HARRY'S FAMILY - 1938-1948
Dan - George - Mary - Harry - 1938
Harry and Dad - 1948
Playing Baseball in the 1950s
Harry Hutton - Kent Bryan - Ronnie Doyle - Tom Baucke - Bill Daily
Harvey Greer - Art McEowen - Bob Hopper - Don Blaylock
Gary Morris - Glen Bradford
All-Star Jacket - 1953
Baseball Fan - 1985
Southeast Basketball Team
 -Interscholastic Tri-Champions - Regional Champions
Pat Cartwright - Bob Jones - Harry - Kent Bryan
Don Hymer - Don Long
Harry Hutton, Mr. St. Pat
At Saint Patrick's Teen Town
   Nancy Carey had the luck of the Irish at the St. Patrick's Day Teen Town when she won a Prom subscription for guessing Southeast's own St. Pat.
   A Barber's delight would be one of your senior boys first name, Harry. A small shack is a Hut ─ and a lot of weight is a Ton. Belonging to the animal kingdom is a horse, and a nickname for our popular Knight. The many shots which he is known for were witnessed in basketball games.
   When analyzing the clues, we can see that Harry Hutton was undoubtedly St. Pat.
Chit Chat
   Randy Smithmier had a shrimp dinner for some of his senior friends. Seen were: Harry Hutton, Don Eichman, Roger Taylor, Ben Blackshire, Jerry Campbell, Dick Kirwan, Pat Cartwright, Joe Holt, Norman Thompson.
Chit Chat
   Picnics, picnics and more picnics!! Duke Harrison and Nanette Preston, Harry Hutton and Barb Fuller, Jerry Campbell and Leann Riggs, Randy Smithmier and Phyllis Graf, and Bill Daily and Nancy Tolen really had a swell time. Liz Crosby and Joe Lamers also had fun on their picnic.
All of these articles came from issues
 of the Tower published our senior year.
Victory Dance Held
Dianne Maple Crowned Queen;
Candidates Act as Attendants
   Exuberant spirits and spring frocks were adorned for the basketball victory dance.
   The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the basketball queen and her attendants.  Dianne Maple, the queen, reigned over the dance with the aid of her attendants, Gale Horton, Barbara Fuller, Linda Harling, and Julie Thomson.
   At 9:00, the blue and red decorated gym was fully lighted.  The queen and her attendants were escorted to the throne.  Speeches were made and crowns were placed on the girls by Mr. McMillan, Mr. Powell, Mr. Adams, Mr. Bates, and Danny Stan-ley.  With the Stan Stanton band providing music, the royalty danced memorable dances with the one who had crowned them.
   The girls then danced with their escorts.  They were: Dianne and Pat Cartwright, Gale and Harvey Greer, Barbara and Harry Hutton, Linda and Danny Stanley, and Julie and Bob Butler.
   Dianne wore a white formal with a corsage of red roses.  Barbara Fuller and Gale Horton wore blue gowns with pink roses.  Linda wore lavender and Julie wore aqua.  Both dresses were adorned with orchids.  All in all, the basketball victory dance was a complete success.
Chit Chat
    Another basketball player bit the dust. Not at the hands of a worthy opponent but a senior gal. How about that Harry (Cotton) Hutton???
JUST HARRY - 1953-1970
1979         Harry & Harriet, Jeff, Liz, Drew, and Molly         1982
Drew 2001 Drew - 1967 Molly - 2001
Harriet and Harry with grandson Eliot
Harriet and Harry and their New Mexico home
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